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Penang Streetfood

Penang: Laksa at Air Itam

By on May 19, 2019
Needless to say that it's not exactly my favorite Penang dish or to borrow Bourdain's very own words - it's not the one thing that 'I gotta have' when I am in these parts.
Penang Streetfood

Penang: Roti Canai at Transfer Road

By on May 5, 2019
But for some reason the #uglydelicious version tasted better. I guess this usually happens when you take out the streetfood out of the streets. The food just won't taste the same.
Penang Restaurant Review

Penang | Kaze Japanese Restaurant

By on November 26, 2018
The restaurant seems to carry every pretty Japanese dish (and sake too) in the world. This could either be good and not so good, depending on how you see such things.

Passable burger but the beer saved the day

By on November 4, 2018
I guess everything is forgiven after a bottle of beer. I even began to appreciate the omelette on my burger and forgot that it reminded me of what I had for breakfast.