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Restaurant Review

An unassuming chicken wings place

By on January 17, 2017
Although Southside Chicken Wings is quite near my apartment, I was able to visit this unassuming open-air restaurant only a few days ago. This was largely in part because of a colleague's glowing recommendation - that she finds their affordable wings delicious and cooked home-style as well.
Restaurant Review

Carnivore: dine here before they close for good

By on October 9, 2016
So why is it that Carnivore, a small restaurant with great ambitions, will be unfortunately closing its doors soon? Is it because of their relatively hidden location in Cebu or that the city is not yet ready for this kind of cuisine? How will a restaurant then with no lechon belly or unlimited rice or baked scallops in the menu thrive in this part of the Philippines?
Restaurant Review

Camden: a hipster cafe and a secret bar

By on October 3, 2016
Camden fits the typical description of a hipster space - industrial interiors with predominantly neutral palettes, a single communal table and a neon signage right inside the cafe.
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Post-election hangover at Sulbing Dessert Cafe

By on May 21, 2016
Although Sulbing cafe also offers crepes, coffee and toasts, it undoubtedly specializes on bingsu, a much-loved Korean dessert that's similar to our local halo-halo. But compared to the latter, it's actually recommended not to mix the finely shaved ice with its mountainous toppings. Instead, you scoop delicious spoonfuls out of this mound.
Food Trip

Manila Food Trip: Wildflour, Din Tai Fung and Ooma Japanese Bar

By on April 14, 2016
My brief weekend in Metro Manila a few weeks ago was very memorable for at least three reasons: a very delayed return flight, watching Les Miserables and a food trip around the city.