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Travel post mortem: Project Windmills

By on September 15, 2010
After 18 blog entries, I could finally end my second travel series with a post mortem. I must thank God for giving me the determination to write all of those, before I would lose every good memory of our 5D-4N travel last June. I was able to tell all these stories because Ilocos is truly a beautiful region.
Ilocos Norte

Why we rode on a jeepney to see the Bangui Windmills

By on September 7, 2010
So to answer the question: we rode a jeepney from Laoag to Bangui because we brought balloons in this trip. Most backpackers would usually take the trike in getting around Burgos, Bangui and Pagudpud.
Ilocos Norte

Our quick Laoag City tour

By on September 2, 2010
But we only got to roam around Laoag city during our final day in Ilocos. When we arrived from Pagudpud in Day 4, we had extra 2 hours before our afternoon flight leaves for Manila. So what happened next was a spontaneous walking tour.
Ilocos Norte

Paoay: MalacaƱang Ti Amianan and Paoay Lake

By on September 1, 2010
Paoay in Ilocos Norte has an earthquake baroque church, sand dunes and a famous restaurant. But there are two more sites in this municipality that is also worth mentioning - a presidential mansion and the serene lake that it overlooks.
Ilocos Norte

Batac: Marcos Mausoleum

By on August 26, 2010
The Ozymandias sonnet crossed my mind while I was watching the body from a distance. I thought to myself that inside the glass coffin was an intelligent man who wielded power, reshaped society and sparked an infrastructure boom that is yet unrivalled by any successor.