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Back in Eastwood City

By on April 18, 2016
Eastwood is not a 'city' per se, but in many respects it is. Confined (or crowded) in this relatively small piece of real estate are luxury condominium towers, BPO companies, pet-friendly shopping malls, churches, restaurants, a clinic and even an educational institution.
Luzon Metro Manila Philippines Travel

Around Metro Manila’s City Halls

By on May 31, 2014
It was an endeavor that begs a good explanation. But for my friends and I, or at least I assumed at that time, it was worth two Saturdays off our schedules, some degree of effort and a minute portion of our sanity.
Metro Manila Travel

At the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Museum

By on July 18, 2013
This museum collects, studies and preserves the country's rich numismatic heritage. The collections are grouped by historical periods - Pre-Spanish, Spanish, Revolutionary, American, Japanese and the Republic.
Metro Manila Travel

At the Presidential Museum and Library (MalacaƱang Museum)

By on July 11, 2013
A few weeks back, my best buddy and I found ourselves at the Presidential Museum and Library at the Kalayaan Hall within the historically hallowed grounds of the MalacaƱang Complex.
Metro Manila Travel

The happy place that is Yexel’s Toy Museum

By on July 4, 2013
What's the best lesson I learned from all this, aside from behaving properly inside this toy museum? It would probably be to buy two of each kind of toy for my future kids. One is for them to play and then to destroy. The other is preserved for them to sell off or house in a fancy toy museum someday, just like Yexel Sebastian's.