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At the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Museum

By on July 18, 2013
This museum collects, studies and preserves the country's rich numismatic heritage. The collections are grouped by historical periods - Pre-Spanish, Spanish, Revolutionary, American, Japanese and the Republic.
Metro Manila Travel

At the Presidential Museum and Library (Malacañang Museum)

By on July 11, 2013
A few weeks back, my best buddy and I found ourselves at the Presidential Museum and Library at the Kalayaan Hall within the historically hallowed grounds of the Malacañang Complex.
Metro Manila Travel

The happy place that is Yexel’s Toy Museum

By on July 4, 2013
What's the best lesson I learned from all this, aside from behaving properly inside this toy museum? It would probably be to buy two of each kind of toy for my future kids. One is for them to play and then to destroy. The other is preserved for them to sell off or house in a fancy toy museum someday, just like Yexel Sebastian's.

Doble Kara: Rizal in art and monuments

By on December 6, 2011
It did not feel like a one hour lecture at all as Dr. Ocampo dashes his talk with quirky asides or what he confessed that afternoon as ‘useless information.’

Mukhang Pera: Banknotes and Nation

By on July 11, 2011
After the talk, I am surprised how these thin pieces of paper can hold so much interesting information aside from the numbers, the president and the scenic spots featured on them.