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Camden: a hipster cafe and a secret bar

By on October 3, 2016
Camden fits the typical description of a hipster space - industrial interiors with predominantly neutral palettes, a single communal table and a neon signage right inside the cafe.
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Better value for money buffet at Grand Majestic

By on August 11, 2016
Despite the recent entry of big-name brands in Cebu, Grand Majestic still is among the very few remaining better-valued buffet restaurants in the city. Although their prices (Php 550 for lunch and Php 650 for dinner) have increased a little bit since the last time I visited here, the quality of the food has thankfully not changed.
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#FoodcourtFinds – Belly Buster at SM Seaside Cebu

By on May 28, 2016
Each Belly Buster slice by the way was packed with flavor but not to the point that the spices overpowered the meat. The skin was also roasted to a delightful crisp. Most of all, it was not as greasy compared to that of their more established competitor.
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How to make the most out of your Vikings Buffet experience

By on May 12, 2016
Vikings Luxury Buffet finally opened this week at SM City in Cebu. The restaurant brand prides itself to be the largest of its class in the Philippines, not only in terms of floor area but also with the quality and quantity of dishes to choose from.
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Delicious and authentic Italian at Pigafetta restaurant

By on November 7, 2015
It is said that a good Italian dish can be whipped with just 5 simple ingredients. But what is often missed out from that statement is this, that mastering the basics in the kitchen, let alone an Italian one, takes a lot of patience, some luck and years of hardwork.