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#FoodcourtFinds Cebu

#FoodcourtFinds – Belly Buster at SM Seaside Cebu

By on May 28, 2016
Each Belly Buster slice by the way was packed with flavor but not to the point that the spices overpowered the meat. The skin was also roasted to a delightful crisp. Most of all, it was not as greasy compared to that of their more established competitor.
Cebu Food Restaurants

Meximama – An affordable Mexican diner that’s worth all the long trip to Mactan

By on May 10, 2015
He would later share to us that he and his partners launched Meximama, the first branch of which is at Marina Mall in Mactan, to serve proper Mexican food. With that in mind, the masa harina and the various chili peppers are all imported, if only to make their dishes as authentic as possible.
Cebu Food Restaurants

New restaurant feature: Ramen Sora

By on May 7, 2015
I wish though the answers were all on my bowl, perhaps hidden somewhere beneath the tamago, the slices of pork chasu and menma (pickled bamboo shoots) - all of which looked contentedly resting on the bouncy noodles immersed with the umami-laden broth.
Cebu Food Restaurants

New restaurant feature: Mrs. Jones’ Mealbox

By on April 22, 2015
It was named then after the Cebu's famous street, but the "Mrs" was only added because his partners believe that it is good feng shui to have 8 characters in their restaurant name.
Cebu Food Restaurants

Golden Cowrie’s Feast All-You-Can: unlimited baked scallops, crispy pata and other house favorites

By on March 22, 2015
At first glance, Golden Cowrie's buffet spread at their AS Fortuna branch is a bit underwhelming. I could easily count the number of dishes placed at one corner of this new 50-seater restaurant.