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Luzon Masbate Philippines Travel

Masbate in 7 questions | a travel guide

By on August 3, 2014
There’s more to the province of Masbate than just being the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. It is undoubtedly that but it is also home to spectacular dive sites, secluded white sand beaches and a majestic waterfall that plunges straight to the sea.
Mindanao South Cotabato Travel Travel Guide

South Cotabato in 7 questions | a travel guide

By on June 10, 2014
For this year's opening salvo of 7-Questions, Louie ( and I would like to take you to the magical, the serene and the utterly beautiful province of South Cotabato.
Lanao del Norte Travel Guide

Iligan City in 7 questions | a travel guide

By on November 6, 2013
Just when I thought that I knew Iligan like the back of my hand, I was surprised to find out how ignorant I am of this city all this time.