Cebu Restaurants

A-One Tinola ug Sinugba
Abaca Baking Company (ABC)
Alejandro’s – Wednesday Trivia Night and the best crispy pata in town
Arano’s – one of Cebu’s best-kept secrets
Auring’s Lechon – streetside lechon
Batchoy House 328
Beqaá: a Lebanese kitchen
Belly Buster
Bharat Spice – best Indian restaurant in Cebu
Big Tom’s Burger
, and the burger that’s not on their menu
Cadi Shack Diner – see the Cadillac but don’t miss their goat kaldereta
Camden Cafe
CnT Lechon
Conching’s Patani/Black Native Chicken
Frozen Snackbar
Grand Majestic 
Gerry’s Grill
Golden Cowrie Buffet
Isla Sugbo Seafood City
Jafar’s Shawarma Station
Joule’s Lechon Manok
Kushiyaki Chikuzenya Japanese Restaurant
Kristian’s Liempo and Lechon Manokthe liempo from Balamban
Kuya J – Filipino comfort food
Kusina ni Nasing – the best ‘Balamban-style’ liempo in the city
La Lucha Taquiera – affordable Mexican
Larsian sa Fuente – nothing beats the original
Mae Krua – delicious Thai food that’s not expensive
Meximama Mexican Diner – delicious Thai food that’s not expensive
Mrs. Jones’ Mealbox
Nonki Japanese Restautant – find out about my possible ‘deathrow meal’
Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken
Pigafetta – Zubuchon’s sister Italian restaurant
Planet Grapes Cebu
Pino Restaurant Buffet
Pito’s Sutokil – don’t miss this in Camotes
Pochero Kinaraan
Room for Desserts
Ramen Sora
Regal Business Park Hotel – and their Php11.00 sioplet
Ryan’s Pizzarelli House
Seafood City
Soho Park Restaurant – beautiful plates, exciting flavors
Southside Chicken Wings
Shepherd’s Heart Cafe – affordable brew in Parian
St. Mark Hotel’s Halo – affordable breakfast buffet
STK Ta Bay!
Sulbing Dessert Cafe
Taitong Steamer Foods – and their siopao that packs a punch
Tagala Chicken Butterfly – an old favorite
Top of Cebu Restaurant
That nameless eatery at Pasil – try their larang na tagotongan (blowfish, fugu)
The Oriental Spice Gourmet – really, really good South East Asian cuisine
The Original AA barbeque
Tropic Fruit Bar – the best shake stall in the city
Vikings Buffet Cebu
Yakski Barbeque – finally, a Cebu BBQ joint done right

* Cebu Food Trip #1: Koko Dine, Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
* Cebu Food Trip #2: Chinese Ngohiong, Cafe Elysa, Bo’s Coffee, Zubuchon, Tablea Chocolate Cafe
* Cebu Food Trip #3: Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon, Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly and Zubuchon.