Brennan Mercado


Parking lot

By on December 11, 2006

While putting up the banderitas for our Christmas party, we were silently hoping that the super typhoon Reming would spare our office parking lot her fury. By mid-afternoon, we…


An incredible march

By on September 25, 2006
The documentary made me realized that compared to some humans, the penguins have a strong sense of responsibility (parenting), teamwork (They have to rely on each other for warmth in a fierce snowstorm.) and selflessness (The males practically do not eat for over four months in incubating their unborn chick.)

So long Mr. Erwin

By on September 7, 2006
I have not seen a live sting ray (pagi in our local dialect) in all 22 years of my life. I only saw portions of the fish, conveniently cut in squares and cooked in coconut milk. The said ‘barb’ that struck Irwin’s heart is sometimes used as whip for misbehaving children.
Essay Lanao del Norte

Third year

By on June 13, 2006
We thought that the month of March would signal the end of our academic worries. After all, it's the unofficial start of the summer season, another time to give ourselves a big break, head for the beaches and literally freak out.
Cebu Essay

A church in the middle of a cemetery

By on May 31, 2006
At that gathering, there were many Nang Milas, Nang Indays and Manong Juns – men and women who have fallen once in their lives but decided to surrender to the lordship of Christ. Despite the enduring poverty, you could really see the unspeakable joy in their eyes; a joy that can never be bought by any currency in this world.