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By on November 26, 2018

We usually don’t order around 10++ dishes for dinner. But one Thursday not too long ago, we made an exception.

You see, some of my carpool friends felt the urge to be magnanimous that evening. The rest of us did not complain of course when we found out that we’ll be headed for Kaze, a  Japanese restaurant at Promenade in Bayan Lepas.


Kaze Japanese Restaurant - table setting

The one at Promenade is only Kaze’s second branch in Penang. Their first is located at Icon City in Bukit Mertajam.


Among the many we ordered , my personal favorites were the umami-laden Yaki Gyoza, the unassuming Tebasaki and the utterly sublime Saba Shioyaki. 

Kaze Japanese Restaurant - gyoza

Yaki Gyoza (Mixed Pork and Vegetables Dumpling)

Kaze Japanese Restaurant - tebasaki

Tebasaki (chicken wings).

The Saba was a brilliant exercise in restraint. The mackerel was only lightly salted before placed on the grill. As a result, one could really savor the freshness of the fish.

Kaze Japanese Restaurant - saba

Saba Shioyaki (Grilled Mackerel with Salt).

Something like that Saba dish is perhaps a welcome contrast to Kaze’s interesting and very Instagrammable fusion rolls – the Dynamite Spider (soft shell crabs, flying fish roe, sesame seeds and avocado) and the Black Dragon (grilled eel, almond flakes, tiger prawns and cream cheese), to name a few.

We never had either but we had the Salmon Sushi No Konbi as our requisite sushi platter. Although it’s less gregarious compared to the Dynamite or the Black Dragon, it was decent nonetheless.

Kaze Japanese Restaurant - salmon nigiri

Salmon Sushi No Konbi.

I was secretly pining though for the uni and the toro sushis but since each piece was Crazy-Rich-Asian expensive, I held off from ordering these.

What I’m not ordering again (or anytime soon for that matter) would be the soba. Look, I really wanted to like the cold buckwheat noodle but maybe it’s not just for me.

Kaze Japanese Restaurant - soba

Zaru Soba.

I’ll stick to the ramen next time, which Kaze surprisingly also offers in their rather thick, encyclopedic menu. The restaurant seems to carry every pretty Japanese dish (and sake too) in the world.

This could either be good and not so good, depending on how you see such things. Do you prefer variety or focus in a menu? Can a restaurant be everything else without spreading itself too thinly in the process? Is there a delicious middle ground in this conversation?

Kaze Japanese Restaurant - menu

Thankfully we did not weigh in on such matters that evening. The joyous occasion simply did not call for that. Instead we talked about how our little lives were back home, why oysters are considered aphrodisiacs and when our next celebratory get together would already be.


But you don’t need to order 10++ dishes just to have a great time at Kaze.  You can order their very affordable set lunches or their teishokus if you’re in the mood to splurge a little bit more. These options will allow you to sample everything else the restaurant has in store.


Kaze Japanse Restaurant

5-G-1 Promenade,
Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Baru,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia

012 – 408 9980

Business hours
Weekdays: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM | 6:00 PM – 10:15 PM
Weekends and Public Holidays: 11:30 AM – 10:15 PM

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    Helen Jones

    October 24, 2019

    My favorite japanese restaurant is Shokuji Sushi Restaurant. Their sushi are really tasty as well as their other foods. It was my first time to eat tasty japanese cuisine.


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