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Aidalicious: Bacolod-style chicken inasal

By on May 14, 2018

One of the memorable meals I had in Bacolod was at the Manokan Country, a row of barbeque stalls along Ferrero St near SM City. A former colleague brought me there because he wanted me to experience the real chicken inasal. He added it tastes superior than the unli-rice version from this certain fastfood giant.

I am not sure if we ate at Aida’s that time but I could still remember what we ordered for lunch – sticks of grilled chicken, liver and fresh oysters. We then ordered a few servings of rice which we drizzled with chicken oil, the preferred condiment in these parts.

It was a really good meal. I could only wish that there’s a Manokan Country in Cebu if only to satisfy my cravings of the beloved Bacolod dish. The culinary gods somehow granted my prayers when Aidalicious Chicken Inasal and Restaurant opened in Banilad sometime in 2016.


Modern interiors…

Compared to its Manokan Country cousins, Cebu’s Aidalicious exudes a more modern and might I add, cleaner look.

Aidalicious Cebu

Written on a chalkboard by the entrance are the suggested steps in preparing a sawsawan (dipping sauce.) I just go with the sinamak (spiced vinegar) to provide the acidity that would complement the grilled chicken fare.

Aidalicious Cebu - sawsawan



…but the taste is still the same

My fix at Aidalicious are the juicy Paa (thigh and leg), Atay (liver) and the Isaw (intestines). While their isaw deserves a separate blog post, their chicken inasal is still the highlight every single time.

Aidalicious Cebu - grilled chicken

Its flavors leans towards the savory and not the sweet, with welcome hints of tang from the secret marinade. Each bite reminded me of our epic lunch back in Bacolod.

Aidalicious Cebu - isaw

Aidalicious’ tina-e or isaw is a must-try.

I usually order just a cup of rice as their rice portion is too generous by most restaurant standards. They do offer 1/2 serving for those who are watching their carbs.

Aidalicious Cebu - bukid rice

They grill to order so don’t expect your chicken inasal to be served immediately. It may take awhile too especially during peak dining hours. I honestly don’t mind the long wait and even the smell of smoke sticking on my shirt afterwards.


Aidalicious Cebu - chicken inasal

This is how a Bacolod-style Chicken Inasal should look and taste like.

Although there’s now an Aida’s restaurant in Cebu, I still would like to revisit the foodie wonderland that is Bacolod someday. Until that time comes, a chicken inasal at Aidalicious would suffice, well at least for now.


Aidalicious Chicken Restaurant and Inasal

66 Gov. Cuenco Avenue (right across Bright Academy)
Banilad, Cebu, Philippines

Opens Tuesdays to Sundays  from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM | 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM

For reservations and inquiries: +639055610263



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