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Manang Juling’s: Sinugbang Tasik and Steamed Bongkawil

By on April 15, 2018

Today’s lunch consisted of Sinugbang Tasik, Kinilaw na Lato and Steamed Bongkawil. I had these at Manang Juling’s Kilawan, a seafood place that recently opened along Juana Osmeña in Cebu City.

The restaurant was named after Juling Abarquez, who opened the first branch at Tangke in Talisay back in the 70s. It has continued to draw loyal patrons ever since.

Manang Juling's - seafood

I haven’t been to that place yet but I’m glad their second branch is closer to the city. It is located at Mango Square Mall and is managed by two of Juling’s daughters, Alicia and Sarah.


Sinugbang tasik

Although the restaurant is famous for their kinilaw, I came here for the tasik (wild cobia), a deep sea fish with a fatty texture that is similar to that of the tangigue (Spanish mackerel). I think it is also cheaper compared to the latter and I could only wonder why there are only a few Cebu restaurants that offer this underrated fish.

Manang Juling's - grilled tasik

Singubang Tasik

Manang Juling's - lato kinilaw

Lato Kinilaw

The well-seasoned tasik was properly grilled by the way. It paired well with the lato kinilaw, the vinegar dressing of which provided the welcome acidity that cuts through the fish’s richness.


Surprised by the bongkawil

The bongkawil (local sea conch), lightly tossed in garlic and then steamed, was the pleasant surprise that afternoon.

Manang Juling's - steamed bongkawil

Steamed Bongkawil

I had the bongkawil before, but the garlic made a noticeable difference this time. It highlighted the freshness and sweetness of the conchs.


Each of the dishes at Manang Juling’s Kilawan is very affordable. For example, a plate of Kinilaw na Tangigue, the restaurant’s bestseller, costs Php150 only. But when you order three different ones and you are dining alone, that is another story.

Manang Juling's - menu

Manang Juling’s Kilawan menu.

That is why I will drag some of my friends here in next time. After all, happy seafood feasts such as this, is happier (and cheaper too) when it is shared with family and friends.


Manang Juling’s Kilawan
Juana Osmeña St. Cebu City (across Century Plaza)

Mondays – Sundays
10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

For reservations: +63 32 254 2283



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