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BE Grand Resort Bohol’s Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner

By on December 13, 2017

It took us around 2 hours to reach BE Grand Resort, an upscale beach property located in Panglao in Bohol.

The travel time seemed too quick for me though. Maybe because the weekend’s calm sea and the island’s laidback scenery proved to be welcome changes to the usual holiday traffic rush that we now have to endure in Cebu.

BE Grand Resort Bohol - The Food Hall interiors

My fellow bloggers and I then alighted at the BE Grand’s spacious lobby and found ourselves at The Food Hall, the resort’s main dining facility. We were here to preview BE Grand Resort’s Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner.


A surprisingly good lechon

It was Michael Mandigma, BE Grand Resort’s Executive Chef, who walked us through his tasting menu.¬†He shared that he has been working in the food industry for around 2 decades now. But prior to joining the restaurant scene, he had a short stint as a seaman. He then took up a culinary degree and the rest as what they always say, is history.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Eve Buffet - Chef Mayk

If you can chance upon Chef Mayk at BE Grand Resort, ask him about his unique bracelet. ūüôā

We had a hearty trio mushroom soup first and a flurry of dishes were served next.

I’d like to think though that most of us were eyeing the lechon¬†displayed not far from where we were seated. I got particularly curious as this version was marinated with local aromatics and karimbuya,¬†a cactus-like plant that is said to grow abundantly in the Ilocos region.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Eve Buffet - lechon

The latter provided a welcome tang and hints of salty-bitter textures to the slow-roasted suckling pig. The lechon tasted a little bit different yet it was surprisingly good and very flavorful.

I usually prefer my lechon with just plain vinegar and chilis. But I made a rare exception that morning when I paired BE Grand’s porcine masterpiece with their signature smokey liver sauce. The combo matched perfectly with glutinous rice cooked in dinuguan (blood stew).

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Buffet - lechon de leche

We were in for another surprise when Chef Mayk pointed that there’s actually a whole chicken stuffed inside this¬†lechon.¬†


Other crowd pleasers

My other favorites were the Humba Ronda (decadently tender pork belly) and the unassuming Chap Chae (Korean glass noodles) which packed a spicy kick.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Buffet - humba ronda

Humba Ronda – aromatic pork belly fermented in black beans, tenderized and flavored with Mallorca – a local gin.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Buffet - chap chae

Chap Chae – Korean-style noodles with shiitake mushrooms, bokchoy, carrots & beef tenderloin seasoned in hoisin and chili-garlic sauce.

But what was almost wiped off our table were the grilled fare – Sinugbang Pusit (squid stuffed with tomatoes & onions), Green Mussels and the classic Pork Belly.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Eve Buffet - grilled selections

Grilled selections – green mussels, squid, chicken inasal and pork belly.

I had many happy refills from this platter alone and I think that these grilled selections will be one of the easy crowd pleasers in the Christmas Eve buffet dinner.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Eve Buffet - desserts

We capped off our lunch with the dessert offerings РMirror Crystal Jelly and Sapin Sapin (sticky layered rice cake) and a cup of coffee. These were not over-the-top compared perhaps to the lechon and the other dishes. But I liked that we punctuated the food tasting this way.

We wrapped up our interesting conversations too, the topics of which were as varied as the dishes we enjoyed earlier. We discussed cuisines from Ilocos to Pampanga and then to Tawi-tawi, and great restaurants such as Le Bernardin, Noma and Bale Dutung. You can never go wrong when you are around good friends, both old and new, enjoying honest, good food.


Needless to say that BE Grand Hotel’s actual Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner would be more festive than what we even sampled.¬† The Food Hall next week would definitely be packed with more guests and families.

BE Grand Resort Bohol Christmas Eve Buffet - preview

I imagine there might also be hyperactive kids running around the place, beautifully competing with the acoustic band and the carolers by then. But that’s still fine. It’s Christmas after all and that’s reason enough for all the jolly, good cheer.


BE Grand Resort offers their special Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner at the Food Hall on December 24, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM for only Php 988 nett/person. Please refer to the sample menu here.

They also have drinks buffet for Php 450 only. This includes select-wine, cocktails and beer.


For inquiries and reservations,
call: +63 38 2390888

Disclosure: The blogger would like to thank BE Grand Hotel Bohol for the invite. Even so, he maintains full editorial control of this feature.



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