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Restaurant Review: Boutique Burger Kitchen

By on October 9, 2017

It was almost midnight when I arrived at the Boutique Burger Kitchen at BGC. I almost did not make it here as I was instructed by my travel buddies to just stay at the airport after my Cebu flight has landed in Manila. They added that I should take in as much sleep as I could before our long drive to Ilocos the next day.

It was good advise in retrospect, but I still left the airport anyway. I reasoned to myself that I’ll be better off at BBK than spend a few more hours at the dreary NAIA 3. I’ll just grab a quick midnight snack and head back to the airport afterwards.


Riverdale-esque vibes

Boutique Burger Kitchen’s interiors and vintage-looking memorabilia reminded me of Pop Tate’s diner in Riverdale. It has a predominantly cyan palette which seems to be the color rage these days.

There is a counter on the left where the drinks are prepared. Opposite it are tables, each of which are lit by an overhead lamp. The kitchen is located at the far end.

Boutique Burger Kitchen - interiors

BBK does not provide any unneccessary drama or a brooding narrative compared to the diner in Netflix’ sleeper hit. But if you’re looking for a proper burger, then you came to the right place.


Medium and milkshake

A waitstaff handed me the menu as soon as I settled on a corner table. There are a variety of gourmet burgers and rice meals to choose from, but I went with the classic. I also included skinny fries and a vanilla milkshake in my order.

Boutique Burger Kitchen - medium patty

The Hokkaido milk bun deliciously held everything together. It’s the other star in this burger.

She clarified that their patties are all cooked medium. I assured her that I’m OK with this and it’s how I’d want my burgers in the first place. I usually don’t complain with an overcooked patty with a generous splattering of mayonnaise and ketchup on most occasions. This was how the burgers of my childhood (and even to this day) tasted after all.

But if given a choice, I’d want my patty slightly bloody to savor its pure, beefy essences. Thankfully, BBK’s classic cheeseburger provided just that. It tasted rich, layered and not overpowering. I was grinning in each bite and wiping the messy juices off my lip every now and then.

Boutique Burger Kitchen - milkshake

Although fries and burgers pair well with a bottle of ice cold beer, I went with the milkshake that evening. It provided a beautiful sweet balance to the burger’s rich flavors.


Is it the best burger?

You can rightfully argue that your favorite foodstop in LA or this unassuming eatery in Bagan or your neighborhood joint serves the best burger there is.

Carlo Miguel, the chef behind BBK and a slew of pubs and restaurants in the metropolis, probably knows that too well. He is not here to replace anybody in an increasingly crowded space. But why put up another burger place in this part of the world anyway?

Boutique Burger Kitchen - serious with their burgers

I think the answer lies on a wall of the restaurant. What Boutique Burger Kitchen is offering to the table is a ‘better burger.’ What they mean by ‘better’ is that they serve a better tasting patty. The menu even highlights that they are serious with their proprietary blend of Greater Omaha Black Angus, Snake River, and local Kitayama Wagyu beef.

It is said that Carlo perfected the patty recipe in a span of the three years. ‘Better’ in that regard is a bit of understatement. Because if you would ask me, it was one of the best I’ve had in a long while. It was just the comfort that I needed and the one that I can afford that late Friday evening.

Boutique Burger Kitchen - cheese burger

I left Boutique Burger Kitchen by 1 AM and head off to a cheese tart place that I wanted the sample. It was already closed at this hour unfortunately. I then went back to the airport and my friends picked me up a couple of hours later.

I struggled to stay awake of course en route to Ilocos. Not even the extra cup of coffee I picked up along NLEX saved me from dozing off the entire trip.

The better plan perhaps next time is to take an earlier evening flight, brave the rush hour traffic in Manila and grab a bite at BBK.

Boutique Burger Kitchen
GF, The Strip, Fort
Taguig, Metro Manila

Sunday – Thursday | 11 AM – 12 MN
Friday – Saturday | 11 AM – 2 AM



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