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Here’s why this stall serves the best shake in Cebu

By on July 11, 2017

Avocado is in season the past few months, but for some strange reason, the go-to place for fruit shakes in Cebu is still not serving this on their menu. This led me to try Tropic Fruit Bar, an unassuming shake place that’s located alongside bootleg DVD stalls in Mabolo.

I wish I could tell you that I discovered Tropic Fruit Bar by accident. I knew about it thanks to Sunstar Cebu’s annual best of Cebu list. For this year, the local daily hailed the shake bar as the “Best Fruit Shake.”

Now just like the Oscars or the Grammy, recognition from different award-giving bodies should be both respected and also taken with a grain of salt. In Sunstar’s listing for instance, you may or may not agree with the winner for the best lechon category. It would either spark good conversation about Cebu’s culinary heritage or only fuel the never-ending #LechonWars debate.

But for being declared as Cebu’s best fruit shake, Tropic Fruit Bar, hands down, deserves the recognition.

Tropic Fruit Bar - avocado shake

My usual avocado fix these days.

Here’s why: aside from their very affordable prices (only Php70 for XL!), Tropic Fruit Bar knows how to highlight the freshness and the pure taste of the fruit. The fruit’s flavor is not muddled amidst the shaved ice, the milk and the sugar. You could really savor the avocado, the mango and the banana in every cup.

For a few pesos more, you can also try their special flavors – strawberry, lychee and the durian. The latter was not available on my second visit, so I settled for their strawberry-guyabano bestseller instead.

Now guyabano (soursop) is not my favorite fruit in the universe, but the Tropic Fruit Bar combo made me think twice about it.

Tropic Fruit Bar - menu

I have yet to try their healthy herb shakes or fruit crepes. Maybe one of these random evenings after work, I’ll have the savory dessert instead of my usual avocado fix.


Tropic Fruit Shake
E-zone, F. Cabahug St.
Cebu City



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