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Seafood City’s insanely affordable Paluto All-You-Can promo

By on October 2, 2016

The concept of ‘paluto’ is certainly not new in Cebu. It is a hands-on style of dining where you choose your fish or meat from a counter and then specify how these will be cooked afterwards.

Seafood City has also been offering that same paluto experience, but the big difference is the excellent quality of their fresh and live seafood on display. In here you ‘shop’ for your fish, oysters and other proteins to be grilled or to be stir-fried. You can even come-up with your version of a delicious SUTUKIL spread along the way.

seafood city - paluto all-you-can

Fans of the beloved restaurant would be definitely be pleased to know that for the whole month of October, Seafood City offers a Paluto All-You-Can promo for a discounted rate of Php680 per person. Everything is up for grabs here except the premium items such as the sea mantis, mud crabs, grouper and lobsters. These are charged separately along with the drinks and desserts. The rice is thankfully ‘bottomless.’

It is an insane bargain if you ask me, considering that seafood-themed buffets in chi-chi hotels in the city could fetch twice or even more that amount.

seafood city - seafood options

Just a few of the seafood options at Seafood City.

seafood city - seafood tanks

A future food blogger at work.

During the media launch yesterday, my fellow bloggers and I were treated to just a few of the possible dishes that can be had here. We started with steamed suahe – a restrained dish that highlighted the sweetness of the fresh shrimps which were just swimming aimless around their tanks minutes ago. This is best enjoyed with bare hands, especially after you suck out the mustardy gloop in each shrimp head.

seafood city - steamed live suahe

Steamed Live Suahe with Soy Sauce

Last night we also got to try their baked oysters, tangigue soup, grouper in sweet and sour sauce and squid adobo. We also had non-seafood dishes such as the grilled pork belly and stir-fry vegetables. The greens perhaps are there to remind you of the number of gym crunches you need to counter the calories you gained in your seafood fest.

seafood city - crabs

Mud Crabs with Salt and Pepper.

The other easy favorites on our table had to be the mud crabs and the rock lobsters. While the crabs are not part of the Paluto All-You-Can choices, the latter are just as delicious. I won’t be surprised if these would be the first to be wiped out every single time.

seafood city - rock lobsters

Rock Lobsters in Lemon Butter Sauce.

All this comes with a catch of course. You can cook-eat-repeat to your heart’s content, but the paluto items cannot be taken out and you also need to finish everything you ordered. Leftovers would be charged Php1360 per person. This I think serves as a subtle encouragement to be responsible binge eaters – order only what you can finish.


Isla Sugbu Seafood City
Paluto All-You-Can | Cook. Eat. Repeat.

Discounted price of Php680 (original price is Php850), promo is valid from October 1-31, 2016
Kids 5 years old and below are free while, those aged 6-10 to will be charged 50% from the promo price

For reservations and inquiries, plese call +63 32 260-800

Disclosure: While the blogger was invited during Seafood City’s Paluto All-You-Can media launch, he maintains full editorial control of this blog entry.



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