McDonald’s Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys

By on September 4, 2016

McDonald's Happy Meal - toys

The McDonald’s Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys were one of the last items that I stashed in my bag as I prepared for my Cagayan de Oro trip a few weekends ago. I was still 3 hours away from our flight’s ETD, but since the afternoon traffic in going to the Cebu airport has been unpredictable lately, I hurriedly left the apartment and hailed the first cab in sight.

By the time we were nearing Mactan bridge, the traffic was moving but it was unusually slow. The driver was obviously not happy with the pace. To make the long story short – I was still able to check in early, we also miraculously departed on time (considering the stormy weather experienced by some portions in the country) and my twin nephews got to enjoy the toys over the long weekend.

I wanted to catch The Secret Life of Pets at my hometown because judging by its trailer alone, the animated movie has a promising plot. The story revolves around some pets in Manhattan – a Jack Russel terrier named Max, an adopted mutt named Duke, a bubbly Pomeranian named Gidget, among many others.  But I intentionally avoided the malls when I was there as it was CDO’s fiesta and these will be bursting to the seams.

McDonald's Happy Meal - Secret Life of Pets

The 3 furry animals I mentioned earlier, along with parakeet Sweet Pea, dachshund Buddy, rabbit Snowball, tabby cat Chloe and Croc are then part of the limited edition McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Trust me when I say that the toys (at least flipping Max, laughing Duke and bubbly Gidget) this time are quite adorable. Max especially reminded me of my sister’s back-flipping toy puppy back in the day. It’s not hard to imagine then how they could have a riotous adventure in the film.

In retrospect though, I think I should have brought two identical sets for my nephews. I hope that they could share the time with each toy, just like the way they would with their Xbox.

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