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There’s always Room for Desserts at SM Seaside Cebu

By on August 13, 2016

This may come as a surprise, but the first spot that I visited at SM Seaside in Cebu, was Room for Desserts. At that time, I actually had no plans of visiting the gigantic supermall. But I was admittedly intrigued as to why the Casa Verde group launched this new dessert place.

I thought that this is a complete departure for Casa Verde, especially coming from a restaurant that brought the runaway bestseller called Bryan’s Ribs in Cebu and later in Metro Manila.

Room for Desserts does not offer those huge slab of ribs of course. But this new casual hang-out place also builds on the same concepts that Casa Verde has always been known for – delicious meals that will provide you the best value for your money.

Room for Desserts - cozy space

For instance, caffeine junkies will surely rejoice to know that the restaurant’s medio latte would only cost them Php95.  Ice blended coffee drinks are just pegged at Php120. You can’t possibly have these price range from your favorite signature coffeeshop elsewhere.

Room for Desserts - coffee

Cafe Latte

RFD’s cakes however are priced almost the same as the other pastry shops in the city. But I was surprised to find that their portions are noticeably larger. And out of the many that my fellow bloggers and I tried that afternoon, the Lemon Curd Cheesecake was my easy favorite. There was a welcome citrus-y finish that rounded off the velvety slice. The Cookie Dough, with its interesting cookie crust, was a close second.

Room for Desserts - lemon curd cheesecake

Lemon Curd Cheesecake

Room for Desserts - various cakes

The biggest draw perhaps at Room for Desserts is their very Instagrammable Fairy Floss. A wreath of cotton candy rests around a cup (Php69) or cone (Php59) of soft-serve ice cream. This is then adorned with various toppings of your choice – cookies, cereals, candies, chocolate or a combination of these.

Room for Desserts - Fairy Floss

This is the Room for Desserts’ Fairy Floss.

If you ask me, the fairy floss doesn’t make sense. But for some strange reason, you might just find yourself slurping one spoonful after the other out of this sugary madness.

At the back of my mind, the Fairy Floss could be Room for Dessert’s version of Brian’s Ribs. Only time could tell but I hope that they could be as successful as their sister restaurant.

Maybe Room for Desserts is already on their way too. When some of my friends and I visited it two months after its soft opening, the place was packed even on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Because even after a very full meal elsewhere (which was our case), there will always be room for desserts. The Casa Verde group probably knew that all along.


Room for Desserts by CV
Skypark, SM Seaside City
+63 32 253 6472
Opens mall hours.

Disclosure: While the blogger was invited by Room for Desserts, he maintains full editorial control of this blog entry.



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