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Post-election hangover at Sulbing Dessert Cafe

By on May 21, 2016

Sulbing Dessert Cafe
Right after this year’s very heated elections, my good friend Oseo invited me to try out Sulbing Dessert Cafe at the Gaisano Country Mall here in Cebu. It was then one of the few remaining items that he has yet to tick off in his bucket list before he catches an evening flight back to Manila.

I said yes to the invitation of course. Aside from the fact that I needed a welcome distraction from all the election updates flashed on national TV, I’ve been wanting to visit the said cafe which I frequently pass by on my way home from work.

Although Sulbing cafe also offers crepes, coffee and toasts, it undoubtedly specializes on bingsu, a much-loved Korean dessert that’s similar to our local halo-halo. But compared to the latter, it’s actually recommended not to mix the finely shaved ice with its mountainous toppings. Instead, you scoop delicious spoonfuls out of this mound.

Sulbing Dessert Cafe - Mango Cheese

The one I had was Mango Cheese (Php 250) which looked like a circular pyramid with alternating layers of mango and cheese cake cubes. It was topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with condensed milk. All I can say that it was one very, very happy bowl because for a few minutes it chased all my post-elections hangover away.

Sulbing Dessert Cafe - Injeolmi

Oseo chose the Injeolmi (Php250), which is one of the restaurant’s bestsellers. It was made from powdered injeolmi (a Korean rice cake) and sprinkled with almond flakes for texture. By the way, a shot of condensed milk accompanies each order for those who’d prefer a sweeter finish.

Before we even knew it, we were able to down each of our mountainous bingsus that afternoon. I probably didn’t notice it because I was engrossed with our conversations that started with the craziness of this year’s elections, segued to future travel plans and then veered back to politics.

Sulbing Dessert Cafe - interiors

Like some voting precincts that day, service at Sulbing was noticeably slow. It took quite awhile before our orders were served but thankfully there was good Wi-Fi to keep everyone else glued to their mobile phones.


Sulbing Dessert Cafe | Click here for menu
GF Gaisano Country Mall, Cebu City
Weekdays: 10 AM – 10 PM
Weekends: 10 AM – 11 PM



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