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Back in Eastwood City

By on April 18, 2016

Eastwood City 2

For a few minutes, I got to visit Eastwood, a micro metropolis in Quezon City. It felt good to be back here as this was my home when I used to work for a multinational company based in these parts.

Eastwood is not a ‘city’ per se, but in many respects it is. Confined (or crowded) in this relatively small piece of real estate are luxury condominium towers, BPO companies, pet-friendly shopping malls, churches, restaurants, a clinic and even an educational institution.

As to why all these highrises continue to sprout like mushrooms still eludes me considering that the Marikina Valley fault line is just lying a few hundred meters away. That morning, I’m just grateful that all of them were still there.

Eastwood City - walk of fame

There are many local celebrities that frequent Eastwood. If you can’t catch them in your visit, you can take a selfie with their respective stars at the Walk of Fame, one of German Moreno’s enduring legacies. It features over 300 names of artistas, athletes and even journalists in the Philippines.

Eastwood City 3

I used to work here.

Since my friend Aubrey hasn’t arrived yet, I continued walking around Eastwood. I was honestly surprised that I still know my way around here despite the fact that a lot has changed since then.

There were noticeably a lot of new restaurants which also meant that their previous tenants have packed up and have probably set up shop elsewhere. I imagine that the exorbitant rent is the primary suspect in the picture. Thankfully, some of my favorites were still there – Cyma, Subway, Ay See and Rufo’s, where Aubrey and I had a quick lunch.

Eastwood City - Rufos Tapa

I could have picked another place that time but I went with Rufo’s because I missed its overly sweet tapsilog meal. We also ordered their new tapa pizzas which became slightly bearable when I added hot sauce all over it.

Eastwood City

But if given more time, I’d love to stay for the night at Eastwood. I’d attend the evening service at CCF, overfeed myself with uni sushi at Sambokojin and then watch the colorful dancing fountains that play every hour. These are just among the many little things that were part of my routine back in the day.

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    Jessica Cabiles

    April 19, 2016

    Wala na uni sa sambo dear…yeah, there are many shops we could eat again soon, chelseas kitchen, coco ichibanya, kettle, green pastures, cheesecakes by guy, santouka, shi lin, among may others. Do come visit again soon and we will burst our seams out… Lol!!!!

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      April 20, 2016

      No more uni sushis at Sambo? 🙁 I saw 8cuts burger beside that thai resto as well.

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      April 20, 2016

      Yes, beside my thai. Their burgers are good imho. and there's one opening soon. some thai resto. i'll send you pictures once they open.
      – jcm


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