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Tatang’s- party packages and their extra crispy boneless lechon

By on December 10, 2015

Despite my attempts at a pre-holiday detox, I found myself at Tatang’s Boneless Lechon not too long ago. It was my second visit in less than a week. I still don’t know why I couldn’t resist the temptation. Maybe I convinced myself that because Tatang’s is one of my guilty pleasures in Cebu, my belly could take in a few more bites of their boneless lechon – the roasted skin of which tastes and sounds extra crispy every single time.

The owner Lorenz Florendo and his wife were also around that time. He shared to us that he named the open-air restaurant after his grandfather whom they affectionately called ‘Tatang.’ He first opened at Dumaguete, took the business to Cebu and later opened branches in Davao and Metro Manila.

I remember that they used to have a humble stall along AS Fortuna, which is actually not that far from where I work. But since they have now transferred at their present location in Lahug, it’s now more accessible for me and my colleagues. This new place is modest but clean and well-ventilated. They also have proper tables and interesting wall decors – big improvements from their previous set-up at AS Fortuna.

Tatangs Boneless Lechon - Party Package

It was my good friend who actually tagged me along in sampling out Tatang’s Lechon Sulit Party Packages last Tuesday evening. Each package is affordable enough for those small house and office parties (8-10 persons).

But if you like to add more ooomph to your Christmas gatherings, you can also throw in a Lechon Wrap and Lechon Station. This comes with 8 kilos of delicious lechon, chopped and served by a lechonero on site.

Tatangs Boneless Lechon - Lechon wrap

Tatangs Boneless Lechon - Lechon wrap2

Your guests can then garnish their lechon wraps with fried garlic, cucumber and singkamas for additional flavor and texture. A drizzle of hoisin sauce will then tie everything together. This is quite similar to how you’d enjoy a glorious peking duck. I wouldn’t be surprised if your guests would keep coming back to this particular station.

When I asked Lorenz what it’s like to open another boneless lechon place especially in this part of the Philippines, he was candid enough to admit that theirs is not the only one around. He added that competition is tough and the rent is not cheap in Cebu.

Tatangs Boneless Lechon - Lechon
They could have just have banked on the crispiness of their lechon skin to make ends meet. But they probably saw the need to innovate by offering other dishes in the menu and these convenient party packages.

Both approaches will definitely help them satisfy their customers’ discerning palates and keep up with the restaurant industry’s changing times as well.



Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Cebu Lechon
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Package A (Php 1350)- 30pcs puso, 1kl lechon (regular/spicy), 20pcs ngohiong, kare-kare
Package B (Php 1350)- 30pcs puso, 1kl lechon (regular/spicy), 20pcs ngohiong, 400g lechon flakes
Package C (Php 1250)- 30pcs puso, 1kl lechon (regular/spicy), 20pcs ngohiong, dinuguan

Lechon Wrap and Station – Php 7950, good for 40 persons.

For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 32 3164719

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    Jessica Cabiles

    December 12, 2015

    My friend, where in Manila? Pasalubungan mo ako nito when you come by next week 🙂 the lechon wrap is similar to that of mesa btw 🙂


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