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Escape to Sumilon: Paradise revisited

By on May 24, 2015
Sumilon - island


As our bus weaved its way down to Bancogon port, I can already see Sumilon island in the horizon. I could make out its famed white sandbar that changes shapes and shifts locations depending on the season and the tide.

It was a very humid, Saturday afternoon but I did not care about the searing heat, or the fact that during the entire trip, I strapped both my slightly heavy backpack and my bulky tripod on just one shoulder. Maybe because at the back of my mind, whatever small discomfort that my friends and I experienced on this Ceres liner, will all drift away once we find ourselves at Sumilon, the small patch of paradise off the coast of Oslob in Southern Cebu

Sumilon - infinity pool

Sumilon resort’s iconic infinity pool. Its pale shade of blue contrasts the deeper hues of the Oslob sea.

The island was named as such because back in the day, its natural caves provided ‘silong‘ or a safe refuge for the local fishermen. Although there’s only one resort, the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, that operates in the 24-hectare coral island, Sumilon’s sandbar is open to the general public.

“Would you like to take the buffet lunch by the beach while your room is still being readied?” Evianne, the resort’s operations supervisor, politely offered a few minutes after we alighted from the golf cart. We then left our bags at the pavilion, the high ceiling of which looks intimidating and inviting at the same time.

Sumilon - lunch buffet

Everything began to look familiar as we headed towards the buffet spread by the beach. I was here many summers ago, and the hut where I sat on as I watched clouds go by, was still there. The resort’s natural lagoon still looked serene, except for the occasional ripples generated by the few happy guests boat-paddling around.

Sumilon - hut

Not far from our tables are the resort’s glamping tents pitched for those who want an outdoor yet very upscale accommodation. Aside from that, what was also new for me were the Pagi (stingray), Lumod (dolphin) and Tuki (whaleshark) – Sumilon’s private villas.


Pagi, Lumod and Tuki

Shortly after our sumptuous lunch, we sneaked in a quick look around the luxurious accommodations. The Pagi and Lumod are one-bedroom ‘honeymoon’ villas, while the Tuki is ideal for families or groups.

Sumilon - family villa

The Tuki or the Family Villa.

Sumilon - villa bed

Sumilon - villa sea view

All 3 are relatively secluded but are just a few steps away from the Pavilion. Each also has a wading pool and a garden that overlooks the lagoon, the beach and the Bohol sea.

As we walked towards our room, I noticed that it was not only Evianne that was polite and helpful that afternoon. In fact, all the resort staffs were genuinely courteous, almost to a fault. They greeted us with a cheerful “Maayong Hapon!” (Good afternoon) or “Maayong Buntag” (Good morning) as our paths crossed. I said to my traveling companions that with this kind of hospitality, you just cannot afford not to greet back or return their gesture with your warmest smile.


Our room with a view

I was pleasantly surprised to know that our room for the night was a Premiere Deluxe. Although it’s not as gregarious as the villas but it still exuded the same luxurious elegance. It has a mini-bar, cable TV and telephone and 2 comfortable queen-sized beds.

Sumilon has 14 Deluxe (one on the left) and 10 Premium Deluxe rooms (one on the right).

Sumilon has 14 Deluxe (one on the left) and 10 Premium Deluxe rooms (one on the right).

The supersized T&B had his and hers sinks, hot and cold shower and an overhead glass panel to allow for more natural light. Since the entire bathroom has no ‘boundaries’ so to speak, we devised a convenient way to inform everyone else that “The bathroom is currently off-limits. I am still inside preoccupied with my own business.’

Sumilon - premier deluxe toilet and bath

Yes, the shower is al fresco. 🙂

Over-all, I liked the interiors of our room, especially the colors and the materials that were used. The neutral hues of the floor tiles and the wooden furniture were wonderfully accented by the various shades of blue from the pillows and the decorative bed covers. It’s simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Sumilon - premier deluxe

After my friends Doi, RJ and I settled in, I went out even if our room’s Wifi was very tempting (for instagram updates and the like) and its AC provided respite from the summer heat.

I just stared at the marvelous view before me and thought that there’s just nothing like hearing, seeing and smelling the sea right outside of your doorstep. It seemed that whatever ache I felt on my right shoulder faded right there and then.

It was then a moment that I’d like to remember for as long as I can, that one balmy summer afternoon not too long ago, I found myself again in Sumilon. That I was already imagining these last few sentences in my head, while I was half-asleep in the hammock right outside our veranda.

Sumilon - sunset

At that time, all I could hear were the gentle waves lapping rhythmically on the shore. Out of the corner of my eye, I could still see the emerald-turquoise sea and behind me, the golden sun that will be setting in an hour or so.

In that very instant or just before I gave in to my afternoon siesta, I smiled – I was very, very grateful indeed to be finally back in paradise.

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The blogger would like to thank Bluewater Sumilon Beach Resort for his wonderful stay at the island. For booking, promos, and other inquiries, please contact:

Bluewater Sumilon Beach Resort

Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob
Cebu, Philippines 6025
Phone: (63 32) 318 3129 / 318 9098
Mobile: 0917 631 7512 / 0999 885 8337

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    Carissa Bongalosa

    May 25, 2015

    Big time, Bren! 🙂

    "That I was already imagining these last few sentences in my head, while I was half-asleep in the hammock right outside our veranda."

    This is such a cozy way of spending summer in Sumilon. (Far from Carnaza?haha..)

    • Reply


      May 25, 2015

      I suddenly miss the simple pleasures at Carnaza. 🙂


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