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Golden Cowrie’s Feast All-You-Can: unlimited baked scallops, crispy pata and other house favorites

By on March 22, 2015

Golden Cowrie - buffet table

At first glance, Golden Cowrie’s buffet spread at their AS Fortuna branch is a bit underwhelming. I could easily count the number of dishes placed at one corner of this new 50-seater restaurant.

I was honestly hoping for a piping hot lechon to magically appear that time, the presence of which I thought would probably make everything a bit more festive than necessary. You see, during barrio fiestas, there’s a reason why the lechon is considered the star, and often the lifesaver of the occasion. When all the other dishes are wiped out, the roasted pig can satisfyingly feed an entire hungry clan and even the gatecrashers in between.

But as I saw the buffet prices (Php 299 for lunch and Php 399 for dinner), I began to manage my expectations. I welcome the change anyway, since there are other restaurant buffets that bombard you with way too many choices, some of it even looked like they were rehashed from yesterday’s spread.

Golden Cowrie - interiors

What Golden Cowrie’s Feast-All-You-Can may lack in terms of numbers, it has more than made up in terms of quality. After I took another look at the buffet table, I realized that all the restaurant’s bestsellers were there that morning – baked scallops, crispy pata, the humble monggos stew, garlic shrimps, Bicol express, chicken pork adobo among a few others.

Golden Cowrie - baked scallops

If you want to avoid the usual Golden Cowrie mall crowd, the AS Fortuna branch could be an alternative especially for your graduation celebrations.

So on my first plate I immediately placed pieces of the buttery scallops, along with other seafood dishes. I thought that even with the scallops alone, my plate was a great deal already considering that a platter of these costs around Php 150 if ordered ala carte at Golden Cowrie’s mall outlets.

Golden Cowrie - plate # 1

Here, guests can really feast and enjoy to their belly’s content all the dishes that they would usually pick in a Golden Cowrie menu. This, aside of course from the affordable prices, is definitely one of the strong selling points at Golden Cowrie in AS Fortuna.

One of the waitstaffs told me that although they don’t serve lechon, they do serve the equally gratifying lechon belly for dinner. Maybe that’s one reason, aside of course from the baked scallops, that I should come back here very soon.

Golden Cowrie’s Feast All-You-Can
AS Fortuna Branch
Php 299 lunch (11:00 AM – 2:30 PM)
Php 399 dinner (5:00 PM – 9:00 PM)

For reservations: +639177081274 | 032 3456860

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    Sigh A.C.

    March 26, 2015

    Hi, thank you for this post. Would love to try this buffet.

  2. Reply


    March 27, 2015

    Hi Brennan,

    Me too I would rather go for quality rather than quantity. SInce I'm not really a picky eater and I can live with very little options. Kahit ano pa yan kakainin ko yan! hahaha

    Thanks for introducing us to this resto. Considering checking this when I get back to Cebu.


  3. Reply


    December 12, 2015

    Hi.. how would we be able to get there via PUJ Im from Mandaue


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