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By on March 1, 2015

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AirAsia has recently launched its highly anticipated Asean Pass. This very unique promo gives everyone the chance to travel seamlessly around the region on very, very affordable fares.

The passes are now available at www.airasia.com – with the AirAsia Asean Pass retailing at P7,200 for 10 credits and AirAsia Asean Pass+ for P12,900 with 20 credits. All these are exclusive of terminal fees and airport taxes.

Tony Fernandez welcoming the participants from Asean countries. Photo courtesy of Melo Villareal.

Tony Fernandez welcoming the participants from Asean countries. Photo courtesy of Melo Villareal.

The co-founders of AirAsia – Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun announced the development of this product during the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Malaysia Conference held in Kuala Lumpur in November last year.

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said, “As a truly Asean airline, we are extremely proud to introduce the AirAsia Asean Pass, which is a product specifically designed to further liberalize and encourage travel among the Asean community. The pass allows us to bridge communities and attract more foreign tourists to the region- it’s the perfect instrument to promote Asean integration.”

“We are constantly enhancing the way guests fly with us and the AirAsia Asean Pass is another innovation that we have put in place to make flying more efficient and enjoyable. We are working on additional enhancements that will further benefit guests traveling from non Asean destinations.”

AirAsia Officials with CEO Tony Fernandez. Photo courtesy of Melo Villareal.

AirAsia Officials with CEO Tony Fernandez. Photo courtesy of Melo Villareal.

The way I understand is that the passes are like stored-value MRT tickets that you use, as you hop around from one station to the next. The big difference though instead of the notoriously jam-packed train stations along EDSA, the AirAsia Asean Pass and the AirAsia Asean Pass+ gives one fixed-rate flights across all 10 Asean countries: Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

It then diminishes the hassle of different foreign exchange rates as the flights are valued according to credits, allowing guests to be creative in planning their ideal trip through Asean. Flights with duration of below two hours are valued at 1 credit, while flights of two hours and above are valued at 3 credits.

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For example, if I want to climb Mt. Kinabalu by end of this year, for just Php 7200 (or the AirAsia Asean Pass), I can hop across 4 more cities before finally going home for the holidays: Manila -> Kuala Lumpur -> Kota Kinabalu -> Cebu -> Cagayan de Oro.

There is also no processing fee that is collected for flight redemptions using the AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+. Airport charges/tax and other fees will be payable separately.

For a detailed list of flights redeemable with the AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+ and other applicable terms and conditions, just go to the airline’s website at www.airasia.com.

Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotions and activities via Twitter (twitter.com/AirAsia) and Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsia).

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    March 2, 2015

    "Exclusive of taxes" — ouch.

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    Joseph Wyckoff

    March 18, 2015

    For me, the AirAsia Asean pass has been difficult to use due to payment problems and limited routes. I was able to fix the issues with payment (no thanks to AirAsia customer service) but once I was ready to pay there were very limited routes. Many routes that were listed in the table of Asean pass routes on the AirAsia website were not available. I needed KL to Manila but there were no flights in all of April, May and June. I sent a tweet to @AskAirAsia and the next day the route was listed (only one flight very early in the morning, but better than nothing). Not sure if my tweet was what did it. I ended up writing a post on my travel blog about the problems I've had so far (and how to resolve some of them) at http://www.yourtravelpath.com/archives/479. Still needing AirAsia to open up the route from Manila to Palawan. Fingers crossed!


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