Foodie Guides for 2015: Claude Tayag’s Linamnam and Eat Out Now!

By on January 25, 2015

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Despite my resolve to start 2015 on a healthier note, I got myself two foodie guides that will most likely derail me from reaching my target weight by the end of the year.

The restaurant guides that I am talking about are the latest editions of Eat Out Now! and Claude Tayag’s Linamnam.

Both provide valuable tips as to where the best culinary stops are in the Philippines, with a quick backgrounder on each restaurant’s beginnings and the kind of dishes they serve.

Eat Out Now! 232 Restaurants We Love

foodie guides - eatout now 2015

Eat Out Now was actually one of the books that J and J sent my way a few weeks back. This didn’t come as a surprise since they were my voracious foodie companions when I was still based in Metro Manila. They probably have their own copies I bet, since majority of the upscale restaurants on Eat Out Now’s list are all located in the metropolis.

But it also features 21 from Cebu – Oriental Spice Gourmet, Nonki Japanese Restaurant, Tavolata, and a handful that I haven’t tried out yet.

foodie guides - eatout now 2015 - inside

What’s welcome and new for this year’s edition are the restaurants from Bacolod, which is an impressive list if I may add. It would just be a matter of time then when this Summit Media bestseller would include those from Davao and even other provinces in the country.

Linamnam: Eating One’s Way Around the Philippines

foodie guides - linamnam

Linamnam, on the other hand, is a fitting culmination if you will, of Chef Claude Tayag’s and his better half Mary Ann Quioc’s many travels in the Philippines. That’s why each page of this culinary travel guide book shows the many facets and complexities of Filipino cuisine, which is often misunderstood and in certain respects, completely unknown by the rest of the world.

After all, or as what a line in the book’s preface state, there’s more to Filipino food than ‘the unappealing, brown and oily fare it was always thought to be.’ Case in point: just how many versions are there of longganisa, pancit and of course, adobo in the country?

foodie guides - linamnam - inside pages

I usually consult Linamnam for the places to eat in my next local destination. For my pre-travel research, I either borrow my friend’s copy or browse through one at National Bookstore. So for reasons that still escape me to this day, I found myself buying the second edition last December.

foodie guides - claude tayag and mary ann

foodie guides - claude tayag

But looking back now, it was a purchase, albeit impulsive, that I will never ever regret. And it’s not just because Claude and Maryann autographed my copy when they recently visited SM City Cebu for the book launch.

As I scanned my copy, I realize that this book indeed has a lot to teach me about Filipino food and how to appreciate it even more, especially in my future travels around the archipelago.

The 2015 Eat Out Now! and Linamnam: Eating One’s Way Around the Philippines are available in all major bookstores in the Philippines.



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