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That Php 11.00 Sioplet

By on October 28, 2014

sioplet - bola bola

What kind of meal would your Php 11.00 buy you in Cebu? Apart perhaps from a tasteless siomai and a puso combo, your options are very limited indeed.

But if you do have only Php 11.00 in your pocket and you’re somewhere in Ayala, head over to Regal Business Park Hotel along Arch. Bishop Reyes St. Inside is an unassuming restaurant that sells these steamed buns they call ‘sioplets.’ A piece of this is arguably the best food that your Php 11.00 can buy.

sioplet - front page

Sioplets are in fact, miniature versions of the siopao or steamed meat buns. But what it may lack in terms of size, it has more than made up with its big flavors. Tucked inside the Bola-bola version for example, are slices of savory Cebuano chorizo (aside from the meat roll and the tiny portion of boiled egg, if I’m not mistaken).

It was delicious, even if I easily finished one in just three bites. The waitstaff then informed me that their sioplet’s dough-to-meat proportion is way better than those of regular-sized siopaos sold at 24-hour convenience stores. The latter has more dough and less flavor.

sioplet - asado

After he presented that very strong case, I wanted to buy more but I managed to restrain myself until that box of freshly made Asado sioplets was delivered inside the restaurant. This flavor, I was told, sells a lot faster than the bola-bola.

I thought hard of the pounds that I have to shed off this week. In the end, I begrudgingly gave in.

“These are tiny anyway,” I consoled myself. With a rather triumphant grin on my face. I downed a couple more.

A box of 12 sioplets costs Php130. If you’d like to serve them as hors d’oeuvres in your cocktails/parties, they are also available in bulk. You can also have the ‘vegetable’ version, the minimum quantity is 100.

For further inquiries, please contact the restaurant at +63 32 412 2588.

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    October 28, 2014

    Their vegetable sioplets are my favorite, too bad they don't sell it by piece anymore. If I buy 100 vegetable sioplets, tabangi ko ug kaon.

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      bren |

      October 29, 2014

      Thank you for the tip about this Mustachio. And yes, tabangan taka ug hurot. They're vegetables dba? hehehe. Have you tried Leonas' Vegetable siopao?

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      October 29, 2014

      Wala pa ko ka try sa Leona… try nya ko didto hehehe


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