#migosaiho: Philippine Shark Summit 2014

By on August 13, 2014

#MigoSaIho - street art

In the next few days, Cebu City plays host to the Philippine Shark Summit, the first of its kind in the country. This is a gathering of like-minded organizations from both the public sector and various NGOs, in celebration of #SharkWeek2014. They aim ‘to discuss ways forward to protect and manage sharks in the Philippines.’

It was our blogger-friend Edwin ( who told us about this endeavor. He shared to us the importance of sharks as apex predators and what has been done so far to ensure their protection.

His passion for the sharks’ cause is quite contagious, I must add. You see, I suck at any activity that involves water – snorkeling, swimming and even wakeboarding probably because of that infamous heart thumping score from Jaws.

#MigoSaIho - whale watching

After hearing out Edwin that evening, I am giving these sharks another look – a more educated one at the very least. If truth be told, I could not recall watching Jaws anyway. So yes, you can say that my shark fears are imagined and borderline irrational.

I would have wanted to listen to the roundtable discussions later today but I can’t. I am actually interested as to what concrete steps we could all take to make sure that Malapascua’s thresher sharks do not end up in our fishballs, how we could pressure Cebu’s favorite dimsum restaurants to finally take out their ‘sharkfin siomai’ in their menu and what best practices we can learn from the whaleshark watching tours in Oslob and Donsol.

#MigoSaIho - butanding

These would certainly not be easy conversations. But I admire Edwin and all the people behind the Philippine Shark Summit for taking the initiative in starting the discussions and in generating awareness for the sharks, the misunderstood yet magnificent creatures of the sea.

“Migo Sa Iho” is Shark’s friend in Cebuano.

For updates and complete schedule of activities, please like and follow the Philippine Shark Summit’s Facebook Page.



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