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Durian halo-halo and other dessert treats at Frozen Snackbar | #whenincebu

frozen snack bar

When I stepped inside Frozen Snackbar, I wanted to burst a few lines from "Let It Go," that catchy song from Frozen, the Disney movie where this new dessert place took its inspiration from.

They get that a lot, Angel would then tell me. Some customers would even look for Olaf.

She, along with Joan, Leah and Malou are the happy moms behind this new snackbar along Juana Osmeña in midtown Cebu. Originally from Davao in Southern Philippines, they relocated to Cebu a few years ago when their husbands were permanently based in the city.

The snackbar came about when they wanted a place where their families can gather and share good home-cooked meals. They do not have culinary backgrounds but they have been dabbling in the food business in one form or the other.

"Am I too early?" I managed to blurt out, in an effort perhaps to break the ice between us.

At that time, we were the only ones in the mezzanine section. I could see below the snackbar's sleek interiors, the color palette of which is largely based on hues of blues and whites. On its glass panels are snow flakes cut-outs that invoked familiar themes from that Disney movie.

frozen snack bar

"You're right on time, " Angel replied. "But don't worry, the other bloggers would be here shortly."

Soon enough, the room was filled not only with foodies but also with various dishes they have prepared. I regretted eating a late lunch that Sunday, but the snacks were hard to say no to - Meaty Spaghetti (Php105), Crispy Fried Chicken, (Php150 for 3 pcs) and Hamburger (Php135).

frozen snack bar
A sampling of Frozen Snackbar's snack options. Top left then CW: Hamburger, Meaty Spaghetti and Crispy Fried Chicken.

The meals are reasonably priced I must say, considering that the chicken was juicy, the burger patty was made from pure beef and their spaghetti was topped with Parmesan. The portions were also large enough to be shared by at least 2 persons. But the desserts are what I've been silently looking forward to that afternoon. After all, Frozen Snackbar was primarily built with that in mind.

frozen snack bar
L-R: Chocolate Decadence Ice Cream Cake and Durian Halo-Halo.

We tried their Chocolate Decadence Ice Cream Cake (Php110/slice) and Frozen Exotic Durian Halo-Halo (Php135). The latter in particular was very memorable for me. On finely shaven ice, were gratuitous strips of native durian, cornflakes for texture and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top it all off.

The strawberry syrup was just there for color I guess as the durian overpowered them all. That is not a complaint mind you, since I have a rather strong love for the misunderstood yet heavenly fruit.

frozen snack bar
The Frozen Halo-Halo Supreme Whopper.

A few minutes later, the ginormous Frozen Halo-Halo Supreme Whopper (Php585) was brought in our midst. There was a few seconds of palpable silence in the room as we stared at the wonderful monstrosity before us - ube ice cream scoops, leche flan, jellos, sweet beans, sweetened plantains and langka happily resting on what may be Frozen Snackbar's signature shaved ice.

And despite my carefully crafted questions, the ladies would not reveal how they prepare their shaved ice for each batch. It had the right consistency - neither coarse nor watery, which is a halo-halo parameter I never knew even existed.

Nonetheless, I'm glad to have finally visited Frozen Snackbar. I usually pass by this brightly-lit place for my weekly trivia night fix at a nearby restaurant. One of these days I'll drag my fellow nerds here to help me decode their finely shaved ice. I predict though that we'll just fail at the attempt, but I'm sure we'll enjoy the durian halo-halo and other desserts. And if we'll burst into that Disney song afterwards, I might not even mind.

Frozen Snackbar
Daily | 2:00pm - 11:00pm
Century Plaza Complex
Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City
+63 943 6135919


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    halo halo!!! yum yum!!! One of these days Bren, you'll bring me to those places... -jcm

  2. I love durian. I should have that Durian halo-halo!

    Laagholic Buyog

    1. You should Bee! They only use native durian from Davao, not the 'Chanee' we would usually see in our supermarkets here. Not even the puyat and the arancillo variety. The native variety, the Frozen's owners would say, is more flavorful - creamier, richer and more intense.

  3. Hey, what a fun read! Too bad I missed this invitation! The place looks really nice (bias, since blue is my fave color) :D

    And I would've enjoyed that durian halo2x! Good to know you're one of the "brave" few (like me) who adore this fruit. :D

    I'll visit this place as soon as I have the time!

    Babe for Food

    1. Where were you fellow piggie??? :) But I actually overheard your name that afternoon. I was hopping you and the other piggie would be dropping by...

      While we are on durian, let's try DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour next year). :)

  4. Wow! One of my weaknesses...desserts! Asa mani dapit oi? I want to go there.

    1. It's along Juana Osmeña Fred. You may visit here after your Mexican fix at La Lucha...


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