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The siopao that packs a punch: Taitong Steamers Foods

By on April 19, 2014

#whenincebu - taitong siopao

When everyone else was glued to their TV sets or projected screens or internet streams for the Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match, my friends and i went instead to Taitong Steamers Foods last Sunday.

My friends are very much aware that I am not an über fan of the sport. So if there’s a boxing category in next week’s Trivia Night, my geek-mates would now know (if they don’t already) that I am not exactly the subject matter expert on that, including past UAAP MVPs or their corresponding basketball jersey numbers.

But if you’d ask me where the best siopao is in town, I’d glady point you to Taitong. It is a small yet clean hole-in-wall along AS Fortuna in Mandaue City and is said to be owned/overseen by a chef of Malaysian Chinese descent, which explains the predominantly Asian menu.

#whenincebu - taitong menu

Taitong’s buns are a mishmash of delectable goodies – salted egg, plain siomai, asado, chinese sausage and bola-bola. What you get as a result are contrasting flavors and interesting textures. In plain-speak my friends: it is really delicious.

The waitstaff thankfully served our orders of special siopao last that afternoon. Otherwise, we might not be able to finish or appreciate the Claypot Chicken Rice and the dumplings –Japanese siomai and Hakaw.

#whenincebu - taitong claypot

I haven’t been to Geylang in Singapore so I have no idea what a good claypot rice should taste or look like. But whether Taitong’s version (which was slightly spicy yet still savory) had the right flavors or missed some, we did not care much that afternoon. After a good few minutes, everything, including the burnt portions at the bottom of the pot, was wiped out clean.

#whenincebu - taitong siomai

The hakaw unfortunately, was a miss here. It looked like it was hurriedly done such that the shrimp-to-everything-else-ratio may have been overlooked in the process.

Halfway through our meal, we noticed that the crowd across the street had already dispersed. From the looks in their faces, we could easily tell that Pacquiao won over Bradley.

#whenincebu - taitong siopao2

By this time too, my friends and I also had a unanimous decision of our own: we’d want to return to Taitong for the special siopao. The white bun does look unassumming at the onset. But make no mistake my friends, because like Pacman, it really packs a lot of punch.


Taitong Steamers Foods
AS Fortuna, Mandaue City
+63 32 316-2438 | +63 32 316-0327
Opens daily 10 AM – 2 PM and 5:00 – 10 PM
Menu: Please click here and here

  1. Reply

    Jay Gocotano

    April 19, 2014

    I will try this one bren when I get back to Cebu city.. Siopao really looks yummy:)

    • Reply

      brennan mercado

      April 21, 2014

      Yup. Their special/5-in-1 siopao is a must-try. 🙂

    • Reply

      Jay Gocotano

      May 9, 2014

      Then I should also the claypot chicken rice! wooot!:)

  2. Reply

    Bee Chavez

    April 21, 2014

    I am a siopao fan so I should try Taitong. 🙂
    Salamat, Bren.

    Laagholic Buyog


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