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By on April 6, 2014

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UP Cebu’s A.S. Lobby was buzzing with cosplayers, boardgame junkies, and hardcore Game of Thrones geeks, for a few hours yesterday afternoon. It was aptly titled ‘Medieval Day,’ the first major event launched by Folk Fiction, a group my good friend Shiela Chan is part of.

In a nutshell, Shiela explained that their group was formed out of hers and her friends’ love for food, the arts and boardgames. The eureka moment came in when they realized that they are not alone in Cebu and that their individual passions surprisingly intersect with those of others’ as well.

I am surprised myself that such subculture is thriving and is growing in Cebu. Proof of that is the huge turnout of yesterday’s affair.

A handful came in their best medieval garbs, while there are also those who channeled their Anime fantasies in their outfits.

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Half of the crowded lobby was occupied by serious boardgamers. The sport is more competitive these days, having grown beyond your childhood Snakes and Ladders. One has to have a mix of cunning strategy and sheer luck to win a round of Ticket to Ride or Seven Wonders.

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“You want to buy one Bren?” Shiela asked, while I viewed the boardgames on display.

“I suck at strategy,” I answered, recalling the few times I’ve tried my hand at these. Maybe I’ll sit in one of their Monday games to develop whatever skills that I may need to have a decent finish in any of these games.

medieval day - iron chairPerhaps the biggest draw that afternoon was Happy Garaje’s very creative interpretation of the Iron Throne. The “Children and Kings” installation by Mark and Johanna Deutsch, was made of toys arranged to resemble that of GOT.

The original was more imposing and cold as it was forged from swords from conquered kingdoms. Many royalties and commmonfolks alike, have died coveting or defending what could be the most important piece of furniture in both George R.R. Martin’s books and the HBO Series.

Yesterday however, everyone who wanted to take a photo with the artpiece, perhaps to update their FB profiles, were very civilized and very patient.

I missed the musical performances, especially that song from the Rains of Castamere episode. Looking back now, I should have just stayed, considering the forgettable meal I had in a small restaurant nearby.

I wish Shiela and her group continued success in their creative pursuits/business ventures. It is rare to find twentysomethings do what they love doing and also earn a few bucks in between.

If the Medieval Day is a foretaste of what this group is capable of, then they must also start scouting for a bigger venue next time. The A.S. Lobby would not be big enough by then.

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  1. Reply

    Bee Chavez

    April 7, 2014

    My brother was also there, Bren.
    He was selling voodoo dolls (Chavelita). 😀

    Laagholic Buyog

    • Reply

      brennan mercado

      April 7, 2014

      Oh my. Cebu is getting smaller. 🙂

      Please tell your bro that his designs were really good. If he'll make a custom piglet-doll for me, I'd be willing to buy a few. 😉


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