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By on March 1, 2014

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All I requested from my good friend Nonoy was a scarf from Turkey. But when we met up a few nights ago, I was pleasantly surprised that he also threw in a keychain, a Trojan Horse replica and what’s left of the Turkish Delights that my other friends gobbled earlier.

Nonoy has been based somewhere in Turkey for a few months now, to provide engineering supervision for yet another construction project that his company manages. I say ‘yet another’ because he was previously deployed elsewhere, prior to this stint.

“You really brought one,” I said, grinning while holding the little wooden horse replica. I remember that not too long ago, I commented on one of his FB photos if the structure behind him was a unicorn.

It’s not that mythical creature of course. It was in fact the actual wooden horse used in the 2004 Troy movie. It is now on display at the waterfront of Canakkale, some 30 kms from the site of ancient Troy.

Photo on the left shows the actual Trojan Horse. Courtesy of D. Diaz.

Photo on the left shows the actual Trojan Horse. Courtesy of D. Diaz.

That evening, we did not discuss however whether the Trojan Horse really existed in recorded history or how Brad Pitt, who played Achilles in that movie, and a slew of Trojans fit inside this rather small wooden contraption. I just listened to his adventures and how he manages to make the most of his stay in a foreign land, day by day. Like most Filipinos I’ve met working outside the Philippines, they do thrive and flourish and excel wherever they maybe or whatever they maybe doing in the world.

In Nonoy’s case, he learned more than enough Türkçe to interact with his local counterparts. He also took the local transportation whenever he can, especially in visiting different tourist spots in the country.

goodies from turkey - turkish delight

I haven’t tasted the chocolate bar yet, but the Turkish delights (Türk Lokumu) were great. The popular confections were slightly chewy and a tad too sweet for my liking. But the sweetness is tempered by the chopped nuts, the one I just had were embellished with pistachios.

Although Edmund Pevensie did not have chai when he tasted a Turkish delight in Narnia, I imagine that it is best paired with a cup of tea. So I quickly fixed myself one, from a cheapo sachet pack that is. The combination works really well by the way.

Here’s then to my little brother. Since I still have not found that Cebu shirt that I described to you, I hope this “thank you” post would suffice. I do hope you could set foot at the Bosphorus Bridge and the Hagia Sophia before your return.

Until then, keep safe and continue to rock on.



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