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Coron Food Trip – from eateries to pricey restaurants

By on October 12, 2013

For such a small town, Coron, in the island of Busuanga, provides a variety of food choices – from the beloved eateries to slightly pricey restaurants. Although this picturesque destination in Northern Palawan is more known for its spectacular limestone karst formations, secluded beaches and deep lagoons, there is a food trip that can still be had in Coron.


Affordable Eateries: Trining Bacsa and Food Trip

Start your Coron food trip at well, Food Trip, an al-fresco karenderya near the public market. I gather that the menu on their whiteboard changes depending on the produce that’s available. But you can never go wrong with their dangsilog, a delicious triumvirate of danggit(rabbitfish), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg).

coron food trip - Food Trip

And might I add that they use the danggit lamayo, which has been considered by some as the ultimate Pinoy breakfast.

coron food trip - trining bacsa

A few meters away is Trining Bacsa & Restaurant. They serve the typical Filipino comfort food, especially the brown and the gloriously greasy ones. I remember the owner telling me that she was not originally from Coron. But she never left ever since. I forgot to ask her though what the ampersand is doing in their signage.


Restaurants: La Sirenetta and Kawayanan Grill Station

If you want a more intimate ambiance, there is La Sirenetta, one of the chi-chi Coron restaurants that are propped at sea and would entail navigating through stilted walkways for one to get to it. I ordered Mika’s Pizza, one of their bestsellers. The combination of bacon, eggplant, mushroom, tomato, olives and capers was unfortunately bland for my liking. Maybe I should try their seafood dishes next time.

coron food trip - la sirenetta

Finally, there’s Kawayan Grill Station. The dimly-lit restaurant, with interiors that are largely made of bamboo, remind me of a Survivor Tribal Council set-up. The seafood items in the menu are a little bit pricey for a budget traveler like me. Their serving portions however, are large enough to be shared by 2-3 persons.

coron food trip - kawayanan


Home Cooked Meals at Mommita’s Lodge

But among the meals that I had at Coron, nothing perhaps can beat our final lunch, lovingly prepared by Mrs. Reyes, our motherly host at Mommita’s Lodge. I asked if we could have Coron’s pitik (slipper or rock lobsters), which was offered at Kawayan Grill but was way beyond our budget. But much to my surprise, our spread that morning also had fried talakitok(trevally) and pork bone stew, simmered to tender perfection. And all of these cost just a few pesos more than what we would usually pay for a regular fastfood meal. I could only wish back then that we had the same level of home-cooked goodness in the eateries and restaurants that we tried during our brief stay in Coron.

coron food trip - pitik

I am now resigned to the thought that food trips will always be a hit or miss affair. There are rare instances where you can connect to the soul of a new town or a new city or a new country by just hopping from one restaurant to the other. Most of the time though, it’s just good food or what you would consider as good, since it is better than what you would usually have back at home.

But if you’re lucky enough, you can have both experiences in a single plate. While I did not have both at Coron, it doesn’t mean that it is not a foodie destination. Maybe I just missed some of the town’s more notable food stops that time.

So if you have been to Coron and discovered some secret food hunts, please leave your valuable tips in the comments section below.

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    October 14, 2013

    The "and Restaurant" may have something to do with the full establishment name somehow (Trining Bacsa Videoke Bar and Restaurant) as seen here, although there is also a version where the non-soda sponsored signage didn't have an "and" on it, as seen here (circa 2009).

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      October 15, 2013

      Thank you for point this one out. And those are really good photos as well.
      Do you happen to know where the owner was based before Coron? I did not write it down my journal that time. I think it's a toss between Mindoro and Romblon.


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