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That white thing at Dicasalarin Cove and our long midday trek just to get to it

By on August 14, 2013

dicasalarin - frontpic

Tucked away from the crowds at Sabang Beach is Dicasalarin, a secluded cove in Baler, Aurora. From the town center it is roughly 30 minutes away on a car and a little bit longer if one would take a bangka (outrigger boat) from Sabang. My friends and I, however rode on a tricyle, which had to stop at the foot of the hill leading towards the PAGASA Baler Radar Station in Sitio Diguisit. Bernard, our driver/guide apologetically told us that that was as far as his trike could go.

Even if the station is perched 178.2 MASL, the ensuing climb was still steep. Thankfully, we were distracted by the scenic views of pine trees along the trail. Their deep brown fallen needles provided a dramatic contrast on the concrete road. Aside from our heavy breathing, an occasional bird call would interrupt the otherwise silent morning.

A few minutes later, we could already make out the weather station’s Doppler radar which resembles like a giant golf ball from afar. I asked the only staff around if we could go up the roofdeck to have an unobstructed view of the cove. He said that we could not do that because they painted the roof a few days earlier.

We could have just gone back at that point. But since we already went this far, we decided to continue walking towards Dicasalarin.

dicasalarin - pagasa

As we descended towards the private beach property in Dicasalarin, we were treated to views of the vast blue ocean on one side, and the lush green jungles of the province on the other. At the back of my mind, I wished that we could zip our way towards that white structure, whose features become more and more recognizable the further we went down the road.

dicasalarin - cove

The ‘white thing’ at the rightmost section of this photo looks like a crane or a modern art installation. A colleague, who has been to these parts before, did not know what it was. This only piqued my curiosity all the more.

After what seemed to be the longest unplanned trek of my life, we could finally hear the sound of gentle waves lapping by the shore. Dicasalarin cove is quite expansive, with a wide beachfront, a cool stream running nearby and the forest extending as far as your eyes could see.

dicasalarin - beach

Various views of the Dicasalarin cove.

It is not as developed as Sabang, but it has seen a few changes recently. Aside from the beach huts, it also has the Artists’ Village, which is said to be ‘a communal space where developing Filipino artists can gather together to learn from specialized workshops, or simply find solace away from the madding crowd of city life.’

After what seemed to be the longest unplanned trek of my life, we could finally hear the sound of gentle waves lapping by the shore. Dicasalarin cove is quite expansive, with a wide beachfront, a cool stream running nearby and the forest extending as far as your eyes could see.

dicasalarin - longhouse

The open-air long house at the Artists’ Village combines modern and traditional aesthetics. Aside from paintings done by local artists, it also displays a collection of hardwood furniture.

We ventured out of the property and continued our way towards the white structure. It turned out to be a lighthouse and the only one of its kind that I have seen in my life. It looked like a deconstructed pyramid, with one side jutting higher than the others. Whether it is functional or not, I am not sure. Maybe we were too tired to care that morning.

dicasalarin - lighthouse

It’s not an artistic monument after all.

dicasalarin - lighthouse2

Other views of the Dicasalarin lighthouse.

We rested a bit to soak in the scenery before us. Dicasalarin somehow invoked a certain sense of melancholy, a visual respite for our tired souls. It was ruggedly beautiful and surprisingly calm as well. But I imagine that the cove would look different, especially at certain times of the year when Aurora will brace itself before typhoons coming from the Pacific.

dicasalarin - view from the lighthouse

The Dicasalarin cove, whose waters have varying shades of blue and green, is even more beautiful to look at from the lighthouse.

It was already a few minutes past noon when we left Dicasalarin. The sun was scorching hot already. I silently prayed that clouds would spontaneously appear out of nowhere, like the dancers in a Bollywood movie. Or that we could somehow stumble across an umbrella along the way. Or that an air-conditioned SUV would save us from walking under the unforgiving midday sun. None of those happened of course. We continued walking, albeit at a slower pace now, back to where we started that morning.

What we experienced that time hovered in between reckless adventure and plain madness. I did not dare ask my companions if getting to that ‘white thing’ that captured my fancy, was worth the blisters on their feet or the tan on their faces. Thankfully, they were kind enough not to throw me off the cliff that time.

At around 1:00 PM we saw Bernard again. We hopped on his trike, exhausted, hungry and burnt. Strangely enough, we still had the energy to proceed to our next stop in Baler.

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    August 15, 2013

    First time I was distracted by the photos. Scrolled down to see more photos without reading further. Hehe. Will now read the article in full. 🙂

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    June 12, 2014

    Hi. How long was the trek? What time did you leave sabang? Tnx for the info.

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      bren mercado |

      June 12, 2014

      The trek up the PAGASA station will take you around 20-30 mins. The downhill walk from PAGASA up to Dicasalarin cove, is around 30-40 mins. The latter in particular is not something that I would recommend, especially under the midday sun as you would be walking on concrete road with sparse to little cover from the heat.

      We left right after we had breakfast at the rolling stores, which is just a few minutes away from the Sabang resorts. The trike trip probably took us 20 mins. Hope this helps you finalize your itinerary.

      Welcome to Baktin Corporation!


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