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The happy place that is Yexel’s Toy Museum

By on July 4, 2013

toy museum - minions

There is a good chance that by this time, you will have a hard time completing your McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion collection. Gru’s hardworking assistants are so popular that stocks of the yellow (and purple) miniatures have ran out in the Philippines, even way before the sequel to the 2010’s hugely successful movie Despicable Me, has been shown in local cinemas.

If you can’t seem to get enough of them, you can brainwash some of your Minion-looking friends to be part of your imaginary workforce. Pour yellow paint on their faces, let them speak gibberish or jeje-speak even and subject them to death-defying tasks.

The other option and one that does not violate any human rights for that matter, is to watch the movie this weekend. You may also head off to Yexel’s Toy Museum afterwards to see a Minion display that costs more than all your McDonald’s freebies combined.

toy museum - first floor

This unique museum houses an impressive collection of toys – the beloved Minions, Walt Disney cartoon characters, Anime figurines and everything else in between. Don’t expect an extensive Barbie collection here though. But I did see a few dolls on display as well.

Unfortunately, you cannot play with the toys inside the glass enclosures. But you can certainly touch and have your photos taken with the life-sized action figures in the various galleries. They have Lightning McQueen, the Simpsons, Street Fighter, just to name a few. Don’t also miss out the 18 ft Optimus Prime which caps your tour at this museum.

toy museum - optimus

toy museum - movie memorabilias

But if there’s one place in this three-storey building that I’d like to linger on longer, it would be the gallery where the movie memorabilias are housed. The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, among many others – they are all there for you to drool at.

There was a part in me that really wanted to break the glass panel and take home everything in plain sight. The good thing is that we were accompanied by one of their guides who believed that the AllSpark on display was the actual cube used in that Transformer movie. I wanted to correct him by saying that it’s just a replica, but I’m just thankful for his presence that morning. He somehow kept my surging childish emotions at bay.

toy museum - locationWhat’s the best lesson I learned from all this, aside from behaving properly inside this toy museum? It would probably be to buy two of each kind of toy for my future kids. One is for them to play and then to destroy. The other is preserved for them to sell off or house in a fancy toy museum someday, just like Yexel Sebastian’s.

So, is this to museum worth a visit? Yes, if you consider that there’s finally something else to do in Las Piñas. When you get there, just don’t expect a typical museum experience where you are doused with a sense of history and some form of culture. All you will see there are the vast, cool private toy collection of Yexel. But the many kids-at-heart would certainly not mind that all, even its relative pricey entrance fee (Php 300) or its relative seclusion in a private subdivision.

It is after all a happy place, and sometimes, that’s all that matters.


Yexel’s Toy Museum
52 Sampaguita Road, Pilar Village
1740 Las Piñas

Open only during weekends.
+63 915 771 4777|

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    July 5, 2013

    Wow! Nice find! I wanna go there 🙂


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