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By on December 28, 2012

planner - front page

I got an interesting planner for 2013: a FILED 2013 doodle planner. My best buddy probably thought that I could use some randomness and a lot of creativity in my life that is why he gave me this a few weeks back. It is small, handy and may be mistaken as a hardbound Hardy Boys novel.

It has the features of most planners that are peddled at this time of the year – a page for all your other things-to-do lists, monthly expense trackers and the usual weekly and monthly views of your 2013. But what probably separates this from the rest is the fact that it is glaringly devoid of any color and that it has enough space for a whimsical monster that you want to sketch or doodle.

planner - the rest
planner - january

The lack of color was easily taken cared of when I recently bought a set of colored markers that in my opinion would do the job better compared to crayons, pastel and household paint. I have little recollection of my highschool color wheels, but I am guessing that I will have to experiment again with balance, contrast and harmony in the coming days.

The doodling part is something that might take me awhile to learn though. You see, I have not drawn anything in recent memory, that could be even considered as a gradeschool artwork. Well, I could probably start with Moodi, a mood tracker, that is present for every daily entry. Its outline resembles that of a gingerbread man, but it only has two tiny eyes. I am guessing that I must complete its facial expressions with whatever that I may be feeling every single day – outbursts, exhilirations, boredom and pretty much everything else in between.

planner - moodi

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Moodi.

But I may not be able to regularly create a doodle or update my Moodi daily. I may not be even able to religiously write down all my daily tasks or finish every single one of them as well. Over the past few years that I have been using a non-electronic planner, I realized that while there are exhilarating days, there are also a lot of awfully lazy weekends.

planner - last pic

For 2013, I just hope and pray that I’ll be able to attend to everything and everyone that is important in my life, to continue learning beyond my small space in this world and to fulfill my purpose all through out next year’s ups and downs.

I sincerely look forward then to coloring all the other pages of this planner and perhaps in the process, I might just doodle my way through 2013.

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    April 19, 2013

    oi very nice!!! suya ^_^


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