Happy birthday LM!

By on January 26, 2012

LM - 28

My very good friend, Louis Mark Plaza is celebrating his birthday today. Most of his friends usually look forward to this day either for the theme of his dinner party or his interesting wishlist. He requested us to give him plaid handkerchiefs last year and pairs of colored socks for the year before that. Why he wanted something very specific is beyond me. I guess he just wants to receive something he could use on a daily basis.

This year however, LM wants to have a rather low-key, if at all any, celebration. He said that he likes to have time for himself to clearly discern what God wants him to do for the next phase of his journey. I hope and pray that he gets that, and everything else his heart desires.

LM - friends

Well, it would have been my first time to crash one of his birthday parties, but I wouldn’t mind that at all. So I would just like to dedicate this small space to thank him for introducing me to Tolkien, Jars of Clay and Sara Groves many years ago. Their writings and music have kept me grounded and hopeful since then. I also would like to thank him for allowing me to arbor or grab some of his coolest shirts every now and then. I rarely buy one now knowing that I have a better chance of looking fashionable with any of his precious finds.

And most of all, I also would like to thank him for just sharing his life to us, which would include his regular updates in Facebook. This may come a surprise, but I do get some form of encouragement from his seemingly random musings. I may not get to read all of them online, but I’d like to assure him that he will always have the same old fat friend, supporting his major important life decisions such as shaving off his hair or pursuing his lifetime partner or finishing the final chapter of his graduate thesis.

Hey, LM/Bagzh/Louis/Mark, Happy Birthday! May you continue to experience God’s protection, presence and provision in all your adventures this year.



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