Baker’s Hill Ube Hopias

By on June 25, 2011


A good friend brought me the delicious ube hopia from Baker’s Hill in Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City in Palawan last week. Aside from the tamilok, the cashew nuts and the danggit lamayo, the Baker’s Hill ube hopias are local delicacies that you must not miss when you find yourself at the Philippines’ last frontier. That is why I begged her to buy me a pack when I learned of her weekend plans that time.

She also agreed with my description that the ube hopia ‘melts in your mouth.’ This is true for both the freshly baked batch and the one that was right before my keyboard one fine morning last week. My first bite instantly reminded me of Baker’s Hill, which is not just a bakery in an upscale subdivision in Puerto Princesa but also a theme park of some sort. There is a restaurant, a cacti garden, a playground and other attractions that might catch the fancy of visitors and tourists alike.

bakers hill - scenes

And before I even knew it, I gobbled all the few precious slices when I was meaning to share some to my colleagues that time. Well, I hope to be back to Puerto Princesa City someday just to buy more than enough packs for everyone else. This city has a special place in my heart not just for its beauty and cleanliness but also because I went there alone last year. Project PPS was then my first solo semi-backpacking journey.

May I thank then Sherelle for the delicious hopias which brought back all the good memories of Baker’s Hill and Puerto Princesa City as a whole.

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