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Cebu City food trip: Ryan’s Pizzarelli House

By on May 19, 2011

fratelli - front page

There is finally a pizza parlor in Cebu City in which I could consider as my personal favorite: Ryan’s Pizzarelli House. It has set itself apart from the handful of pizza stores propping overnight in the Queen City of the South for at least two good reasons.

The first would have to be their meaty and cheesy calzones. They pack each delicious pizza turnover with generous portions of ground meat, ham, vegetables, spices, and cheese. Each is reasonably priced too, which would probably give versions of other chi-chi gourmet pizza restaurants a run for their money.

fratelli - calzone

I could still remember my first bite of their calzone. One evening four years ago, my friends invited me to eat the remaining slices of their huge order. The store was still named ‘Fratelli’ at that time. I remember being surprised as well because for the given price, they packed each calzone with so much texture and flavor. Others would usually top their pizza dough with say, pepperoni slices that you could just count with your fingers. Since then, I already lost count of the times that I ate at Ryan’s Pizzarelli House.

And finally, the second reason would have to be its relatively hidden location. Yes, there are specific occasions for frenzied eating and appropriate places to have a party atmosphere. But if you’re looking for a simple place to have real conversations over great food, then Ryan’s Pizzarelli House will not disappoint.

fratelli - picture wall

The photowalls.

When you get inside the store, you will also notice interesting photowalls where snapshots of some of their guests are posted. It adds a homey feel to the store’s largely basic interiors. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find our faces there but I would be more than willing to give the owner a photo of myself and a good buddy which was taken at their previous place if only to prove that I am one of their loyal patrons.

That being said, I would have to say that Ryan’s Pizzarelli House has earned my stomach’s full stamp of approval. If I should find myself in Cebu again, then I would definitely pay this little pizza parlor a visit. I’ll probably invite some friends over and gobble to our heart’s content a few platters of their calzones and pizzas.

Ryan’s Pizzarelli House
FB Page
181-D Maria Christina Extension(near the Sacred Heart School for Girls)
Monday to Saturday | 10:00 AM-11:00 PM

For deliveries:
+63 32 347-8830 | +63 32 347-8827 | +63 32 581-7749
+63 32 9227627990 | +63 32 9229473910



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