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Travel post mortem: Project PPS

By on December 16, 2010

I can finally end Project PPS (or my 4D-3N adventures in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan) with a travel post mortem. It was indeed an unforgettable solo ‘semi-backpacking’ journey. It was not a fully DIY trip because I took 3 organized tours in PPS. Looking back now, it was a tradeoff that gave more value to my limited time and budget in Palawan. The prices are charged on a per-person basis so every tour can start even if the van is not filled up to its maximum capacity.

The first thing that I noticed in PPS is that it truly lives up to its reputation of being the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. I guess that it would continue to hold that title as long as its local government officials would not lose their balls in preserving and protecting their natural resources.

And much to my surprise too, that despite being a highly urbanized city, Puerto Princesa is not an expensive destination at all. The breakdown of the ‘damage’ is reflected below to give you an idea as to how much would it cost to spend a long weekend there. The airfare, the cost for the food, pasalubong and tips are omitted because these expenses can be controlled depending on your budget and preference.

Day 1
Day 1

Day 2
Day 2

Day 3 & 4
Day 3&4

I’d like to dedicate this entry to my dad who has been to Puerto Princesa long before I could even write about my pet dog. He does not blog though but we do share the same insights about the city. By the way, he only knew about Project PPS last November. He was surprised as to why I went there alone. I also told him I’m brewing a Zamboanga/Tawi-Tawi/Basilan trip next year. A week later, his reliable source asked him to discourage me if I should pull a solo expedition down south. So please get better soon dad so that we can climb Bud Bongao (and perhaps together with your reliable source) someday.

Finally, all these would not have been possible if not for Lorie. She gave me valuable tips and introduced me to the Zabalos in the process. Thank you so much Lor, Jane and Zhuns!

If given another opportunity, I’d like to be back in Palawan to do three things: take the monkey or jungle trail in Sabang, snorkel at El Nido and bum around San Vicente’s Long Beach. Until that time, may I formally end the PPS travel series with this post.

PM - PPS tips

Other travel tips
-Research extensively your intended destination. I used Ambot Ah’s Palawan DIY post as my handy reference for Project PPS. Had it been that I had 1 day and Php1000 more last September, I would have included El Nido in my itinerary.
-If you only spend the evening at your hotel, try a backpacker’s accommodation. Duchess Pension House offers such rooms for just Php175.00 a night. It is just a single bed and an electric fan but it was comfortable nonetheless. Toilet and bath is shared with everyone but I did not mind that too because I was only there to sleep. Backpackers Inn is right across the pension house.
-I packed a meal from home to help me cut on my expenses. Other hardcore travelers would bring canned goods. I would try doing that in my next destinations by purchasing tickets with check-in baggages.

Duchess Pension House
107 E Valencia St, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
Mobile: +63 09175530605
Phone: +63 48 4332873

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