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Mission Accomplished: Sitio Kangko

By on November 20, 2010

sitio kangko - concrete water source

It is my honor to share to you that our small project at Sitio Kangko, a Tboli community in South Cotabato, is finally finished. Their only potable water source is now fully covered and the exposed bamboos are also replaced with PVC pipes. They have also built a tub of some sort from the excess building materials.

The residents in that far-flung community can now be assured that their drinking water would not be contaminated anymore with unwanted debris especially during heavy downpours. We learned about this need when we visited the community last May. We went there primarily to watch endemic Philippine birds and to embark on a difficult river trek to Hikong Mahi (Tinago Falls). Little did we expect that our church small group’s first foray into mountaineering became something even more than just a weekend of thrilling adventures.

sitio kangko - concrete tub

The community’s all-purpose tub.

We then pooled some funds to kick off the project. We also challenged some of our friends to sacrifice the equivalent of a Starbucks drink and a considerable number responded. Someone even gave ~Php5000 just to complete its final phase.

Honey, Mhy and their friends (Dot2x, Herj, Ponce and Von) had the opportunity of visiting the community last Sunday. They were accompanied by Roy Ungkal from MENRO. They went to Sitio Kangko to see how the concretized water source looks like now. They planned a feeding program as a thanksgiving celebration for the completed project as well. They also brought small grocery goodies for the Tboli families.

sitio kangko - feeding preparation

Preparing the arroz caldo (chicken and rice porridge) for the feeding program

sitio kangko - feeding

Feeding program.

sitio kangko - goods distribution

Distribution of small grocery items for the 16 Tboli families

Afterwards, the sitio leader expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the group. He added that they did not expect that after so many people that have visited their community, it was only our group that was somehow moved by God to address their longtime need. Mhy then clarified that it was also a collaborative effort and that there were also a handful of others who have helped but could not join them that afternoon.

May I take then this opportunity to thank the ‘handful of others’ who have prayed with us, who have accompanied our friends to check the project’s progress and who have generously shared their resources. You may not be able to hear the Sitio Kangko residents personally extend their gratitude but rest assured that they truly appreciate your kindness even if they will never meet you face to face anytime soon.

sitio kangko - group photo

Group photo with the Sitio Kangko residents.

I also would like to thank God for showing us this opportunity to share our blessings in a way we never expected at all. We honestly did not where to source enough funds for this small project. All we had back then was the crazy conviction that we have to start somewhere, even in our little ways.

God must have taken it from there. That’s why the glory belongs to Him alone.

All the photos used in this entry are courtesy of Mr. Ronald Von Rivera. They are posted here with his permission.

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    November 21, 2010

    to HIM alone!-mickey

  2. Reply


    November 25, 2010

    may permission ko ba? hehe joke! – von

  3. Reply


    December 1, 2010

    I perfectly agree with you mick!

    Von, welcome to Baktin Corporation! 🙂

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    March 21, 2011

    great job! pwede na daun mo mudagan as barangay officials for sitio kangko. hahaha

  5. Reply


    March 29, 2011

    te, i want to go back to Sitio Kangko someday actually. there's another hidden waterfall…


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