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Wakeboarding at CWC

By on October 5, 2010

failed wakeboarding attempt

The photo above looks like a screen grab from an Jackass TV episode. It could also be an effective visual aid for a Physics highschool teacher who wants to explain Newton’s First and Second Laws of Motion in the most engaging manner possible. Or it could be submitted to a caption contest in Mental Floss.

Well that’s me by the way. I tried out the 6-point cable ski system at the Camsur Watersports Complex when we went to Bicol last year. But despite my monumental loss, I am still proud of what I’ve accomplished even if I was only able to wakeboard up to a few forgettable meters from the starting platform.

I thought I already understood the straightforward instructions that was given to us during the orientation. We were told to hold the bar close to our bodies and then to let go of it when everything was not right. What I failed to do was to intuitively distribute my body weight on the board. I realized that the Velcro straps did very little in securing me in that respect. By the time the cable yanked me out platform, I was unable to counter the increasing centrifugal force of the cable. And that is when that Kodak moment was captured.

I hurriedly swam back to the shore with my wakeboard in tow. There were also other riders on the water and the last thing I wanted was to be hit by someone else’s board. I could only look in sheer frustration because the lady before me has already made her third round when I was still figuring out how to get a good balance on my 2nd attempt. Boy, I was sporting a very defeated look at that time. I could have easily burst into tears if not for the presence of a good friend waiting nearby.

professional wakeboarders

Professional wakeboarders at CWC.

There was still 30 minutes left on my tab but I did not push myself for another attempt. I just watched the professionals strut their stuffs at the various water obstacles. They sure make the extreme watersport look so easy. Mayon would have been a wonderful background when they performed their breathtaking stunts but the famous volcano was covered with clouds that afternoon.

be back for more

It may seem to me now that any activity that has to do with water (scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking to name a few) has continued to elude me to this day. But I know that I could conquer these fears in due time. Even so, I am still proud of the photo that showed me gliding over the man-made lake at CWC. I would even show it to my grandchildren someday as a tangible reminder to them that their grandfather managed to looked both stupid and brave at CWC. I imagine that they would lovingly blurt something like “Lolo, we are entitled to some level of madness in our youth.” I would reply to that belated encouragement with, “But there are some battles that must be given up. So kids, you’d better chose your fights wisely.”

trailer houses

The Villa del Rey containers.

massage by the pool

One could also enjoy a soothing massage by the pool.

CWC at night

The complex at night.

My failed attempts did not in any way affect my stay at CWC. It remains a favorite one-stop adventure zone especially for those who want to experience extreme watersports at any time of the year. The room rates and the food at the complex was surprisingly affordable as well. If wakeboarding is not your cup of tea, you could also preoccupy yourself with other facilities available such as basketball, table tennis, air hockey and many more. You could also have a refreshing massage by the pool. These are just a few of the many other reasons why you should include CWC in your travel bucketlist.

Camsur Watersports Complex
Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: +63(54) 4773344 / 4773347
Fax Number: +63(54) 477-5162

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    October 18, 2010

    haahaha.. nalingaw ko sa imu pic. layo kaau ka ninglagpot. did it hurt wen u hit the water? :p

    and did you see any celebrities hanging around CWC at that time? haahaha

  2. Reply


    October 19, 2010

    I remember that it hurt a little bit. No, there were no celebrities hanging around the complex that time.


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