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Finally, Pagudpud

By on August 1, 2010

pagudpud - beachfront

Pagudpud is said to be the “Boracay of the North,” a tagline which I could never refute or agree on. The reason for that is that I’ve never been to that world-famous tourist spot in the first place. But I think that it does not need to ride on that comparison for marketing mileage. The place has enough charm to attract every tourist, traveler or backpacker who wants to stay in a relaxing pit stop, perhaps after a tiring day tour of Ilocos Norte.

In our case, our pit stop was Evangeline Beach Resort which is located at the rocky portion of Saud beach in Pagudpud. Our room was quite spacious and would probably fit a group of 6-8. Our bathtub was not working at that time and it was also challenging to push or pull back the sliding glass doors of the toilet. I guess we got the kind of accommodation that we paid for. But with breakfast included, I could still say that is was cheaper compared to the other resorts in the vicinity.

pagudpud - grouper for dinner

Although our room suite has a kitchen and complete set of cooking utensils, we had a kilo or so of fishes, bought at Maira-ira, grilled at one of the houses nearby. Yes, we brazenly but politely requested a complete stranger to do just that and to cook for us rice as well. Later we found out that their household also accommodate ‘homestays’ for just a fraction of what all the other resorts would normally charge.

pagudpud - random photos

What would probably make me return to the place is the long stretch of white sand that is relatively immune from the partying crowd. There were only few local tourists frolicking by the beach when we arrived even on a Friday afternoon. But there were also a handful of foreigners present that time. It may just be a matter of time before Pagudpud would truly live up to its moniker.

pagudpud - sunset

Aside from that, the sunset at Pagudpud was one of the glorious I have seen so far. The afternoon sun first painted the sky with a golden yellow and gradually filled the horizon with soft pinkish hues. Michael, my good friend, has captured a few photos of it with the Bangui windmills from a distance, before his camera ran out of batteries. If only to recreate that memory, I would like to give Pagudpud another visit in the future.

pagudpud - group photo

If the local government would develop the place further, I do hope that it would do its best to keep it from becoming another tourist trap. It would also help to drop the ‘Boracay tagline’ because a quick Google search would reveal that they are not alone in claiming that title. I wish then that there would come a time when Pagudpud would be appreciated for what it really is and not because its beaches looked like a shoreline somewhere else in the Philippines.

All of Michael’s photos in this entry are posted with his permission.

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    August 11, 2010

    awww… dli jud ma complete ang ilocos tour if wala ang pagudpud.. i wanna go here!!

    PS.. mao ra na inyo sud-an?

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    August 12, 2010

    te, mao ra tawon. hehehe.


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