McDonald's Happy Meal - Secret Life of Pets


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McDonald’s Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal toys

By on September 4, 2016
Trust me when I say that the McDonald's Happy Meal toys are quite adorable this time. It's not hard to imagine then how they could have a riotous adventure in the film.
Room for Desserts - Fairy Floss


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Cebu Restaurants

There’s always Room for Desserts at SM Seaside Cebu

By on August 13, 2016
The biggest draw perhaps at Room for Desserts is their very Instagrammable Fairy Floss. A wreath of cotton candy rests around a cup or cone of soft-serve ice cream. This is then adorned with toppings of your choice - cookies, cereals, candies, chocolate or a combination of these.
Grand Majestic - buffet stations


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Cebu Food Restaurants

Better value for money buffet at Grand Majestic

By on August 11, 2016
Despite the recent entry of big-name brands in Cebu, Grand Majestic still is among the very few remaining better-valued buffet restaurants in the city. Although their prices (Php 550 for lunch and Php 650 for dinner) have increased a little bit since the last time I visited here, the quality of the food has thankfully not changed.
Pancake House - Caramel Banana Walnut


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Food Restaurants

Pancake House: fluffy pancakes and other all-day breakfast meals

By on July 31, 2016
"Pancake House is actually a Filipino brand and not an imported franchise," Marc H. San Juan, Pancake House's Senior Marketing Manager, clarified to us during our brief post-lunch chit-chat.
Brennan Mercado
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